Hit and Run Accidents

It is a legal requirement that all motor vehicles are insured so that in the event of an accident causing injury, there is insurance in place to pay compensation to the innocent road user. For the most part, this system works well, but only works well if everyone abides by the law by taking out motor liability insurance. Unfortunately, many vehicles are not insured. Worse still are those motorists who fail to stop following an accident, having caused serious injury.

The number of hit and run accidents is a major problem because it means that those who do insurer their vehicles, are having to pay more in insurance premiums to cover those that do not abide by the law.

The good news for those who are injured by hit and run drivers, is that they are able to make claims for compensation, for injury, even when the driver cannot be traced. This system ensures that the innocent victim of a road accident is properly compensated.   A solicitor will be able to advise you what level of compensation you may be entitled to, if you make a claim under the Untraced Drivers Scheme. They will also be able to explain the terms and conditions of the Scheme, the latest version of which came into force on the 1 March 2017 and is operated by the Motor Insurers Bureau (“MIB”).

As the MIB act like an insurer, they will investigate the hit and run accident. However, as the driver did not stop and cannot be traced, they have no driver to interview, to establish if the driver was responsible for the injuries caused.   Therefore, they rely on the innocent victim to provide such assistance as the MIB may reasonably require, to enable it to investigate the personal injury compensation claim including, in particular, the giving of a statement and other information, either in writing or, in an interview between the person making the compensation claim and the MIB.

One of the conditions to making such a claim, is that the injured person must, if she/he has not previously done so, and where reasonably requested by the MIB, report the hit and run incident to the police as soon as reasonably practicable and to co-operate with any subsequent police investigation.

Once the investigation is complete the MIB is obliged to make a compensation payment, only if it is satisfied, on the balance of probabilities, that the death, bodily injury or damage to property was caused in a way that the hit and run driver would (had she/he been identified) have been legally responsible to pay compensation to the injured person.

Compensation for hit and run victims

If you have sustained a personal injury arising out of a hit and run accident, you may be entitled to compensation, even if the driver is never traced. A personal injury compensation payment will only be made if the claim meets the qualifying criteria. If you would like advice and assistance in making such a claim to ensure that you maximise your chances of making a successful claim and maximise the amount of compensation that you are entitled to, please contact us today on 0333 123 9099 or email enquiries@ibbclaims.co.uk. Alternatively please complete our online form.