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Anti-ageing Procedures and Medical Negligence

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There are not many of us who have the confidence and aplomb of Mary Beard or Mary Berry; women who happily show of their grey hair and wrinkles.  Most of us would like to wind the clock back a bit; be it through cosmetic surgery or non-surgical procedures such as Botox.  It is generally only our bank balances that stop us.

But for those who do decide to invest in surgical and/or non-surgical anti-ageing skin procedures, the results can be fantastic if the procedure is carried out correctly, and disastrous if a negligent or inexperienced practitioner botches it up.

Botox parties

In March 2016, a BBC investigation uncovered two nurses making thousands of pounds a week by selling Botox treatments illegally at ‘Botox parties’.  One of the clients made a claim that the treatment she received left her in severe pain. Another patient said she was left with severe headaches.

Botulinum toxin is a prescription-only medicine; therefore, it is regulated by the Government.

It can only be prescribed by a doctor, dentist or nurse in a specific patient's name - and can only be used for that patient.

The rise of non-invasive cosmetic surgery treatments

Non-surgical procedures such as Botox, dermal fillers and laser treatment, which account for 85% of the market by volume, are expected to become even more popular in the future, increasing by 27% as the population ages. Many fit, healthy, baby boomers have no plans to retire in a hurry and want to look good. They have the disposable income and the time to invest in invasive and non-invasive treatments to ensure their skin remains taught, toned and fresh looking.

What can possibly go wrong?

Unfortunately, a great deal can go wrong in both invasive and non-invasive anti-ageing skin procedures: here are just a couple of procedures and the risks involved:

Chemical peels

Chemical peels involve a chemical solution being applied to the face to promote tissue death. After the treatment, the skin regenerates, revealing a younger, fresher complexion. Risks include scarring, infections and a permanent discolouration of the skin.

Dermal fillers

Fillers are used to plump up the skin around wrinkles and enhance cheeks and lips. However, if misapplied they can result in nerve damage, stroke, vision problems, blindness and damage and/or death of the skin and underlying facial structures.

Laser Resurfacing

Laser Skin resurfacing removes the skin layer by layer, revealing a more youthful, fresher skin underneath. Complications can include prolonged redness, scarring and infection.

Claiming compensation for cosmetic or anti-aging treatments

If the health professional who performed your anti-aging skin treatment was negligent and you suffered injury as a result, then you can claim for compensation. This can help fund corrective treatment and any time you have to take off work as a result of the cosmetic blemish.

At IBB, our personal injury team, led by Malcolm Underhill, has the expertise and knowledge to advise and represent you if you wish to make a claim for a personal injury caused by botched skin anti-ageing cosmetic surgery treatment or any other medical negligence incident. To talk about how we might be able to help, please phone us on 0333 123 9099, email us at or fill in our contact form.  Any discussions you have with us will be in the strictest of confidence.

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