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Delayed Medical Treatment Due to Covid-19

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Delayed Medical Treatment Due to Covid-19

Throughout the pandemic there has been a continuous flow of information and statistics in respect of the impact on the treatment for NHS patients. Covid 19 has forced the NHS to commit its resources to dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, meaning others in need of treatment are being asked to wait. The full consequences of this may not be known for some while.  The failure to treat a patient in a timely manner may well lead to further harm, or even untimely death, and if so, the possibility of entitlement to compensation, due to those delays.

How many NHS patients are waiting for routine treatment?

Figures released in March 2021 demonstrate the number of patients who have been waiting for more than a month, for routine treatment, in England. The number of patients waiting for routine treatment has steadily increased over the last year, climbing to 100,000 patients in August 2020, 200,000 by the end of year and a further surge in those waiting for treatment in January 2021, with more than 300,000 patients waiting for NHS treatment. This compares, starkly, with 1,600 patients waiting for treatment, before the pandemic began.

Although the statistics focus upon “routine treatments” there may well still be a detrimental effect upon the well-being of patients and their plight should not be ignored. It will undoubtedly take a considerable period of time before the NHS is able to catch up and reduce these numbers.

What is the “Hidden backlog”?

In addition to the known routine treatments that patients are waiting for, the NHS Confederation has highlighted that there has been nearly 6 million fewer referrals from GPs, in England, for routine treatment. Routine treatment includes knee and hip replacement operations. These numbers will not only create further difficulties for the NHS, but is, perhaps, also adding to the further physical discomfort and poor mental health of those patients who suffer in silence.

We have previously written about delays with the provision of cancer services, but there are other healthcare services that are similarly affected by Covid-19.

Do I have a claim for Delayed treatment?

IBB Claims medical negligence lawyers have considerable experience to help and advise on medical negligence compensation claims, particularly those arising from delayed treatment and Covid-19. We offer a free initial consultation so we can get a clear understanding of your situation and give a realistic assessment on your prospects of bringing a compensation claim.

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