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Seema Bagha

Has COVID-19 affected your cancer treatment?

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We can all say we have been negatively impacted from Coronavirus, especially when it comes to our health. During the pandemic and the lockdown, since 23 rd March 2020, there have been patients who have either missed treatments, have had delayed or ...

What can i do if my cancer treatment was delayed due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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As we all know, due to the pandemic, many departments in hospitals have ceased from operating. Testing people for various health issues has ceased, non-emergency surgeries have all been put on hold as well as many other treatments. As the days go by, we hear...

Women Take Legal Action After Cancer Linked to their Breast Implants

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20 women have recently announced their plan to take legal action after developing cancer as a result of getting breast implants. Over 50 women in the UK, and hundreds across the globe, have been diagnosed with the rare form of breast cancer, referred to as...