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Simon Pimlott

Migraines as a Sign of Head Injury & Migraine Awareness Week

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Regular sufferers will attest to the fact that migraines aren’t just headaches, symptoms can range from sensory disturbances and extreme nausea, and can result from a prior head injury. 1 st September 2019 marks migraine awareness week, an...

The Devastating Impact of Clinical Negligence on the Families of Victims

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It is well established that medical negligence can lead to life-changing impacts for victims, but it is important to consider the effects on family members left to deal with the aftermath. Beyond the emotional aspects, there are the legal and...

A&E Now The Largest Source of NHS Clinical Negligence Claims

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The NHS’s Accident and Emergency departments have, for decades, served a vital role at the front line of healthcare in the UK. We rightly trust that if we have a medical emergency, they provide the best chance of dealing with our problem and either...

NHS Patients' Lives at Risk Due to Delays in Treating Sepsis

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Delays in treating sepsis are putting patients’ lives at risk, according to new research carried out by BBC News. Sepsis is a serious, life-threatening condition that affects at least 250,000 people a year in the UK and is fatal in around 1 in 5...