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Increased Risk of Dementia Following Brain Injury

As medical research breaks new grounds, it has been established that those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) at some point during their life are 24% more likely to be diagnosed with dementia.  This holds significant implications for anyone who has received a TBI in the past and highlights the importance of seeking periodic check-ups by neuro-medical specialists through life.[1]


Why Brain Injury Rehabilitation Is Important in Recovering From a Brain Injury

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Brain injury rehabilitation could help minimise the long-term impact of brain injury by teaching the brain to work in alternative ways. Simon Pimlott, brain injury lawyer , speaks to Andrew Pemberton, MD of Cardinal Managment . For advice...

Brain Injury Support and Rehabilitation: An Interview With Andrew Pemberton

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Simon Pimlott , personal injury lawyer at IBB Claims, speaks to   Andrew Pemberton , Managing Director of Cardinal Management, and board member of the UK Council for Rehabilitation.  Andrew and Simon, discuss the implications and...

The Symptoms of a Brain Tumour: Why Your GP May Miss the Signs

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Transcript of the video: Malcolm : I am Malcolm Underhill a solicitor IBB Solicitors. I specialise in acting for those who sustained a brain injury or have been diagnosed with a brain tumour. However I'm particularly concerned about those with a...

The Future Of Artifical Intelligence As A Tool To Help Brain Injury Victims

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It is no exaggeration to say we currently stand on the cusp of a new wave of innovations that will totally transform how humans live.  At present, we are very much finding our feet, and imagining the potential applications for technologies such as...

Prosthetic Limbs: The Past, the Present and the Exciting Future

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If you are lucky enough to have all your arms and legs, chances are you take them for granted.  But consider for a moment what a remarkable biological machine the human body is.  Take the hand.  Its muscles are intricate enough to write...

What is the process of recovery and rehabilitation for a traumatic brain injury?

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One of the most serious injuries a person can receive is one involving brain trauma .  The brain governs everything, from our behaviour and personality, to our ability to eat, walk and sleep.  An injury to the brain can have long term...