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Nearly 700 English Schools Referred to Health and Safety Body Due to Asbestos Concerns

Malcolm Underhill
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676 state-funded schools and academies in England have been referred to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for failing to show that they are properly managing the risk of harmful exposure to asbestos in their buildings. These failings could...

Former Vauxhall Factory Worker Claims Asbestos at Work Killed Wife

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A former Vauxhall factory worker who says he gave his wife asbestos-related cancer by being close to her after work is suing his former employer for £1m following her death. John Carey worked at Vauxhall Motor’s Luton and Dunstable sites...

MoD Alert: Sea King engineers may have been exposed to asbestos warning

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It has long been established asbestos poses a significant risk to human health, but few people would know this deadly material has been used in our military aircraft since for decades.  The Ministry of Defence (MoD), recently issued an alert confirming...

If You Think the Risk of Asbestos Has Diminished...Think Again

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In 2018, you would easily be forgiven for thinking that asbestos was a concern of bygone years.  In fact, not only is asbestos still prevalent in many buildings and structures across the UK, the number of cases of diagnosed asbestos-related disease...

Huge Victory For Asbestos Claimants In Disclosure Case

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  Dring v Cape & Ors In December 2017 the High Court ruled in the case of Dring v Cape & Ors that historical documents setting out corporate knowledge of an asbestos hazard , due to be destroyed under the terms of an out-of-court...

How Nebulisers Help Those Gasping For Breath

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Few sensations are as terrifying as not being able to get enough air into your lungs.  The tightening of the chest, the hunger for air and the creeping onslaught of panic as you try to fill your lungs is one of the most frightening experiences...

UK Schools Face Asbestos Timebomb

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Three-quarters of schools have asbestos in their buildings [1] and councils in England have paid out £10 million in compensation to those who have suffered disease following exposure to the deadly substance [2] .  Furthermore, the...

Hillingdon Has Fourth Highest Asbestos Death Rate In London

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A new report has shown that the borough of Hillingdon has the fourth highest asbestos death rate in London. Between 1981 and 2005 there were 135 deaths in Hillingdon.  Across London 2,663 men were killed by the disease, with only Havering,...

The Risks of Asbestos Exposue: How Safe Are We in Our Own Homes?

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Asbestos is normally considered to be an industrial problem but is that really the case? The dangers associated with asbestos are all around us – even in our own homes, as this extract from an HSE bulletin discusses: “Tenants of a house in...