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Can I make a child abuse compensation claim if the offender has been convicted?

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It takes courage and bravery to reveal you have been sexually assaulted, whether as an adult or when you were a child.  It is even more of a challenge to provide a detailed account as to exactly what happened. It is therefore unsurprising that many people, who have been assaulted, decide to say nothing, preferring to keep the memory of those terrible events to themselves.

Reasons for not disclosing abuse

There are many reasons why people do not talk about sexual assaults. One of them is that they consider they were the only person to be assaulted (by a particular individual) and are fearful of not being believed. Therefore, it is perhaps unsurprising that when they read that the abuser has been prosecuted and convicted in relation to other children or adults, they have the courage to speak out. At that point they have confidence that their story will be believed and that they will be given support.

Can I make a claim for compensation if the offender has been convicted?

It is sometimes thought that if a paedophile or sexual offender has been prosecuted, it is not possible to make a claim for compensation. That is not correct. Where a paedophile or sexual offender has been convicted, it is certainly possible to make a claim for compensation, to obtain justice for the victim, to obtain recompense for the sexual assaults, the  harm to mental health and the financial losses that may have flowed from those terrible events.

Therefore, it is not necessarily too late to pursue a sexual abuse compensation claim after the offender has been convicted in relation to other sexual offences.  Although each sexual abuse compensation claim is dealt with on its own facts and merits, it is likely to be easier to secure a sexual abuse compensation payment if the offender has been convicted.

How can I find out if my abuser has already been convicted?

There is not a register to which the public have access, to find out if an individual has been convicted of a sexual offence. However, the Sex Offenders List which we have compiled from various media reports, may help.

Although convicted sex offenders are, as part of the sentence, required to register on the Sex Offenders Register, unfortunately this cannot be seen by members of the public.

Can I make a claim for sexual abuse compensation if my evidence has convicted the offender?

If the evidence of the victim resulted in the conviction of the sexual offender, this will substantially improve the prospects of making a successful claim for sexual assault compensation.

When should I make a claim for sexual assault compensation?

There are time limits for pursuing sexual abuse compensation.  Therefore, whether the perpetrator has been prosecuted and convicted, or not, it is important to pursue a claim as soon as the victim feels able to talk about what happened to them, as delay can become a barrier to an otherwise good claim for sexual abuse compensation

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