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Monster Paedophile Mark Frost Likely To Die In Prison

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Former teacher, Scout leader and father of an adopted child, Mark Frost, formally known as Andrew Tracey has been jailed for life after pleading guilty to 45 counts sexual abuse against children [1] . In one of the worst cases of sexual abuse ever to...

Can I Claim Compensation If The Person Who Sexually Abused Me Has Died?

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For people who have suffered sexual abuse, especially as a child , it may take years before they have the courage to tell the police about their ordeal.  And in the time that passes, their abuser may have died. The classic example of this is in...

Compensation Helps Victims Recover From Stolen Childhoods

Malcolm Underhill
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Jimmy Saville, Rochdale, Operation Pallial.  These names and many more have become familiar to all of us who read the papers, but for the survivors of abuse which took place in children’s care homes, hearing these names can bring back horrific,...