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What did Hillingdon Council know about Levi Bellfield?

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Levi Bellfield is the notorious killer, known for the murders of Amelie Delgrange, Marshall McDonnell, the attempted murder of Kate Sheedy and the murder of Milly Dowler. Those crimes did not take place in the London Borough of Hillingdon, but Levi Bellfield does have a connection with the borough.

The connection is that he lived in the London Borough of Hillingdon and operated a wheel clamping business.

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In 2014 Debbie Weissang, a senior social worker, was brought in from Peterborough Council, to Hillingdon Counci,l to support Hillingdon's Children Services Department. In 2017 Debbie Weissang produced a report, sent to the Metropolitan police, which linked Levi Bellfield with six men accused of paedophilia, murder and grooming. Debbie Weissang said she was "deeply concerned there remained a risk to children" from Bellfield's associates, who were still at large. She said that despite Levi Bellfield being in prison there were "six other men" who were not serving life sentences and "pose a serious threat to children". Other alleged gang members include Victor Kelly and Suraj Gharu, both of whom have been convicted of child sex offences.

Debbie Weissang has said, "the men of interest have conditioned themselves to believe they have done nothing wrong and are untouchable". She encouraged Hillingdon Council and the police "to carry out a full review of the findings because [the report] shows evidence of a child sex ring and its members have not been brought to justice."

The report has not been published but the report is said to support evidence, originally gathered by the Bellfield police investigation, that Levi Bellfield was part of a paedophile gang.

As at March 2019 the report submitted to the Metropolitan police and Hillingdon Council, has not been made fully public. Therefore, it is unclear as to what extent, if at all, Hillingdon Council knew of activities concerning Levi Bellfield, before his arrest, and particularly whether such knowledge could have been used to prevented assaults on others.

Colin Sutton, the former Detective Chief Inspector who led investigative operation said, "Belfield was a serial sex predator when it came to young girls and we had evidence that linked him to a number of convicted paedophiles".

The Metropolitan police have said, in response to the report that "a safeguarding report was received from Hillingdon Council. Any allegations of child sexual exploitation contained in the report will be assessed and be investigated where appropriate."

The number of victims of Levi Bellfield remains unknown. However, following a drama on ITV in 2019 Colin Sutton, the former detective chief inspector, indicated that he had been contacted by other ladies who say they were attacked by Levi Bellfield.

Levi Bellfield is an Islam convert, who calls himself Yusuf Rahim.

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