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Why does this man make me angry?

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This is Manish Shah. He’s done no direct harm to me and I’ve never met him. However, he makes me angry. He makes me angry for what he’s done to others, to countless women (the number of which we may never know), conducting unnecessary and invasive medical examinations for his own sexual gratification.

Complaints about Dr Shah, GP

Complaints were first raised about Manish Shah in 2013, following which a police investigation began. He was found guilty in 2018 and again in 2019. For six years Manish Shah was the focus of attention with, perhaps, hundreds of thousands of pounds spent investigating these crimes and prosecuting him at the Old Bailey.

Where is the apology?

Unfortunately, the women I represent have not received the same degree of attention. They have not received an apology for what happened; they have not received an explanation as to how Dr Shah managed to carry out such crimes undetected in such close proximity to those he worked with; they have not received unconditional support in respect of the trauma of finding out that they have been the victims of such a heinous crime; and neither have they been offered financial compensation to reflect the harm caused, both in respect of the actual physical examination and the long-term consequences of such actions by the GP.

Getting justice for the deserving

It is wholly unsatisfactory that we see an imbalance in our justice system, with focus upon the sexual offender, to the exclusion of those who are truly deserving of the state’s time and money, to address the effects of his sexual assaults.

That is why I am angry with Dr Shah. The effects of what he did live long after the actual assaults; the impact can, in some circumstances, be lifelong, causing significant harm to mental health, as well as physical issues arising from his assaults.

I am committed to securing justice in all its forms for the benefit of all those women I represent, seeking an apology from those responsible for Dr Shah’s actions, an explanation as to why his conduct went unchecked, and to secure compensation, including the cost of private medical treatment to address the continuing impact of the sexual assaults. No amount of money will erase the assaults from the memories of the ladies I represent, but an apology, an explanation and financial compensation will go some way to address the significant harm caused by such a terrible man.

More information about Dr Manish Shah, GP

If you would like further information in respect of the sexual assaults committed by Dr Shah and the details of the criminal trial, this is available.

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