Medical Negligence Solicitors in Uxbridge

Medical Negligence Solicitors in Uxbridge

You are entitled to expect a reasonable standard of care from medical professionals and healthcare providers. If you or a loved one has experienced poor care or negligence that has meant your condition has worsened or that has caused other problems, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Medical negligence refers to a failure to provide a reasonable standard of care, taking into account the level of expertise that is expected of a medical specialist. This can include failing to do something as well as making a wrong decision or causing an injury. Where you have experienced pain and suffering, financial loss or physical injury because of this negligence, you will generally be entitled to a payment of damages.

At IBB Claims, our expert medical negligence solicitors in Uxbridge have a strong track record of success in bringing claims for compensation for medical negligence injuries and losses. Our team are understanding and approachable and we understand that this will be a difficult and stressful time for you. As well as outstanding legal expertise, we also provide excellent client service, ensuring that you are fully supported throughout your claim.

Our medical negligence solicitors in Uxbridge are able to provide no win, no fee representation, meaning you will be able to access excellent legal assistance with your case, whatever your financial background.

Our medical negligence solicitors in Uxbridge have expertise in matters related to:

Speak to our medical negligence solicitors in Uxbridge

We understand that you may have questions about starting a medical compensation claim and our medical negligence solicitors in Uxbridge are happy to offer a free initial consultation. This will give you the opportunity to explain what has happened to you and to discuss the situation with an expert. We can give you an idea of what you can expect in making a claim and talk you through the next steps.

Speak to our medical negligence experts in Uxbridge today by calling 03456 381381, emailing, or use our enquiry form to request a callback.

Why choose IBB Claims for a medical negligence claim in Uxbridge

At IBB Claims, our team of solicitors have in-depth expertise across a full range of medical negligence issues.

We will always make sure you have the support and advice you need throughout your case, ensuring we are available to speak to you to answer your questions. We work proactively to ensure your claim progresses without delays and we will keep you updated in respect of progress.

We make sure you know what options are open to you and we will discuss any offers of settlement with you honestly, so that you have the information you need to make crucial decisions.

We recommend that you take up our offer of a free initial consultation to get to know us and find out a bit about the claims process and what you may be entitled to receive in your case.

We are able to offer a conditional fee agreement for medical negligence claims, also referred to as ‘no win no fee’. This means that there would be no cost to you in the event that your claim was not successful. If your claim is successful, the paying party will generally cover your legal costs.

Among our team, we have members of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL), The Spinal Injuries Association and Headway.

As a firm we are ranked by legal directory Chambers and Partners, while Simon Pimlott and Malcolm Underhill are both top ranked.

In 2021, Chambers reported:

“Leading personal injury team working on complex contested liability matters. Houses particular strength in brain injury litigation, with further experience acting for cyclists and passengers on RTA claims. Active across an enviable breadth of cases, with particular visibility on historic abuse cases. Further experience includes acting on group litigation.”

"I found them great at leading me through the minefield of personal injury claims."

"He [Malcolm Underhill] was very good at keeping in touch and explaining everything to me."

"He [Simon Pimlott] has an empathetic manner which clients find reassuring."

In 2021, Legal 500 reported:

“Simon Pimlott is a thorough and intellectual solicitor with an empathetic manner with clients. Exceptionally good with clients with mental health problems.”

“Simon Pimlott is pragmatic. He is exceptional in his level of empathy for clients, and is able to navigate thorny cases with aplomb.”

“Simon Pimlott is simply outstanding.”

How we can help you to claim medical negligence compensation

Assessing whether you are owed medical negligence compensation

During our initial conversation with you, we will go through what has happened to establish whether you are likely to be entitled to make a medical negligence compensation claim. We will look at whether you were owed a duty of care by a medical professional, whether this duty of care was breached by them and whether you suffered as a result.

Our Uxbridge medical negligence solicitors will put together a strong case on your behalf, including evidence of what has happened, such as medical reports, medical records and witness statements.

We will look at the amount of compensation which might be reasonable, based on the losses you have suffered and discuss this with you.

Negotiating out of court settlements for medical negligence

Once we have established your case, we will generally enter into negotiations with the other party and their solicitors. They will usually offer a sum in full settlement of a claim and we will advise you as to the strength of the offer and whether we believe that you could do better.

Our medical negligence lawyers are all strong negotiators and in around 90% of the successful cases we take on we are able to resolve matters without the need for a court hearing.

Where a claim is likely to be lengthy, we can also request interim payments on your behalf, to help you financially during the claims process.

Representing you at court for a medical negligence claim

If your claim cannot be settled by agreement and a court case is necessary, we will ensure you have a strong claim and that you receive expert representation throughout.

FAQs about medical negligence

How long will my medical negligence case take?

The length of time taken to settle a medical negligence case depends on several factors, including the severity of your injuries. In a more severe case, it is likely to take longer to settle. We may need to wait until we have a realistic prognosis to ensure that we obtain the maximum possible compensation to provide for your future.

We can discuss the likely timescale with you when you advise us of what has happened and the harm you have suffered.

Can I bring a medical negligence claim against any healthcare provider?

Yes. It does not matter who provided the treatment, if your medical care was negligent, you can bring a claim against the provider, whether they are private or government-funded, such as the NHS.

Can I bring a medical negligence claim on someone else’s behalf?

Yes. If a relative has died or is unable to make a claim themselves, you can bring a claim on their behalf for the injuries or harm they have suffered.

What are the time limits for medical negligence?

The usual time limit for bringing a claim is three years from the date on which you became aware that your treatment had been negligent and that you had suffered harm.

In respect of children, the three-year time limit starts from the date of their 18th birthday.

The time limit does not apply to those who do not have the mental capacity to manage their own affairs, with a time limit only running if they regain mental capacity.

Speak to our medical negligence solicitors in Uxbridge

Speak to our medical negligence experts in Uxbridge today by calling 03456 381381, emailing, or use our enquiry form to request a callback.

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