Catastrophic Events and Serious Injuries

Widower Sustained Serious Leg Injuries Following a Car Accident

We were instructed to represent an active 90-year-old widower who sustained serious leg injuries following a road traffic incident. Prior to the incident, our client lived independently with minimal care needs. He was mobile, able to drive a car and was socially active. He did most of his own cooking, washing, laundry and could walk to the local supermarket.

The circumstances of the incident are that our client was driving his car in a residential road when he noticed an approaching car which was encroaching on to his side of the road. Our client brought his vehicle to a halt but the other driver continued straight ahead and collided with force into the front of our client’s stationary vehicle.

Following the accident, our client was rushed to hospital for treatment to a fracture of his right patella. Sadly, this did not heal. The tendon of the patella ruptured and calcium formed in it. Surgery was considered to be inadvisable. He also sustained a right rib fracture and soft tissue injuries to his chest, back and left knee.

On discharge from hospital after about 3 months he was unable to care for himself and was forced to find accommodation at a nursing home with the support of his family. A care assessment showed that our client required 24-hour nursing care. He could no longer get out of bed due to pain in his knees. He is now lifted in and out of the bed into a wheelchair by a hoist and two carers. He cannot live independently. He cannot cook, shop or clean, socialise with his friends or visit his family.

In addition, our client is unable to visit the toilet independently, shower and dress, drive, attend medical appointments and deal with banking/finances. He has suffered a severe loss of independence and privacy. Our client also lost a lot of weight since the accident. Nearly all his care needs are provided by the nursing home and he has to pay for a chaperone from the nursing home when he needs to attend an appointment if a family member is not available.

Our client continues to suffer from pain most of the time. His right knee is weak and painful and he is unable to weight-bear on it. As a result he is unable to stand or walk. The disability is particularly profound and he is unable to get into or out of bed without the use of a hoist. The costs of the nursing home and all his care needs are substantial.


The most significant expenses incurred by the Claimant are the monthly fees for his care in a nursing home. We have successfully settled the claim to recover the amounts already paid to the nursing home. In addition we have recovered compensation for the future costs of the nursing home for the period that medical evidence predicts that he would have been able to live independently had the accident not happened. Allowance has been made for those living expenses that our client would no longer have to incur by virtue of living in a nursing home.

Our client requires on-going residential care for the rest of his life. We have recovered a six-figure sum in compensation to help support him and make his life as comfortable as possible for his remaining years.

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