Child Abuse

Adult Male Sexually Abused in Childhood Wins Compensation

IBB were approached by a gentleman who had been sexually abused as a child by his mother’s partner. After the conclusion of criminal proceedings, he had sought to pursue a claim for compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and had completed an application himself, having summoned the courage to do so. Unfortunately, his claim was instantly rejected as it had not been made in time; that is, within two years of the date he reported the abuse to the police.

He sought advice from IBB’s specialist Solicitors. With a 56 day deadline in place to submit an appeal to the CICA, the team had to work quickly to ensure that an appeal was successfully lodged in time. Having communicated at length with our client, it became apparent that he had been unable to immediately submit his claim for compensation after the conclusion of the criminal proceedings because he had been suffering from alcoholism as a means of coping with the impact of the abuse. He had submitted the claim during a period of sobriety in an attempt to finally secure closure.


IBB informed the CICA of our client’s intention to submit an appeal against their decision to refuse to consider his application. We then sought to obtain our client’s medical records in order to build a case to demonstrate that our client was unable to submit his claim at an earlier stage, due to ill health. We also highlighted the significant impact the abuse had on our client well into his adult life.

The scale of the impact of the abuse on our client quickly became apparent upon consideration of his medical records. He was continuing to experience symptoms of depression and anxiety and had been abusing both alcohol and drugs throughout his adult life. He also had contact with mental health services. IBB carefully crafted submissions to the CICA based on our client’s instructions.

The CICA was persuaded by our appeal submissions and decided to award our client a significant sum.  However, we took the view that the offer from the CICA was insufficient, as whilst the CICA’s decision had been pending, our client had received a formal diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and a personality disorder.

IBB advised our client of this and he instructed submit a further appeal against this decision. We were able to highlight the extent of the continuing impact of the abuse on our client’s physical and mental wellbeing. Having considered this further evidence and the submissions made by IBB on behalf of our client, the CICA reconsidered the decision and awarded our client a higher amount.  

Our client was delighted with their decision and accepted the award. The compensation he received with the assistance of IBB will help him obtain the professional help he requires in order to improve his quality of life and, hopefully, draw a line under what happened to him in the past.


Compensation payout for sexual abuse in childhood

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