Child Abuse

Case Study D (Childhood Sexual Abuse)

We successfully pursued a childhood sexual abuse compensation claim on behalf of Deborah, securing over £60,000 for Deborah within five months of her asking us for help.

Her story was that she had been brought up in the Midlands and that during her childhood and teenage years was subjected to sexual abuse. The sexual assault began when Deborah was showing her father a pet, whereupon he sat her upon his lap. She did not understand it at the time, but she later appreciated that his penis was erect.

Deborah would often stay up, in the evening, later than her siblings which meant that she was left alone with her father. They would watch television together and he would touch her. This began when she was approximately 11 years of age. Her father would remove Deborah’s pyjamas and sexually abuse her. He also forced her to watch pornography. The abuse escalated so that if Deborah wanted something, her father would demand sexual favours. Those sexual favours would take place in the home, his car and while they were on holiday.

These sexual assaults continued until Deborah was about 15 years of age. This abuse had an impact on her education and, later, on her work, finding it difficult to hold down jobs. For some years she was not able to speak about what happened to her but in her 20s she made a report to the police. This resulted in her father being charged with multiple counts of rape and indecent assault. In the days leading up to his trial, Deborah’s father committed suicide. He left suicide notes, apologising for his conduct.

Deborah contacted us very soon after her father’s death. We immediately put the executor of the estate on notice of the claim for compensation and set about gathering the appropriate evidence to formulate detailed allegations and the compensation that Deborah was looking for. The sexual abuse was acknowledged by the executor who was keen to seek an early resolution to the claim. Therefore, within five months of Deborah coming to us we were able to secure a settlement of her child abuse compensation claim, at over £60,000. The settlement was agreed without the need to commence legal proceedings. It was achieved by negotiation.

No amount of money can make up for the hurt and distress caused by childhood sexual abuse but some of this money can be put towards engaging with specialist health professionals to enable Deborah to address the continuing symptoms of childhood sexual assaults and to look at the future through a brighter lens. We wish her well. It was a privilege to help her achieve justice.

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