Child Abuse

Man Abused in a Youth Organisation as a Child Wins Compensation

Young people are actively encouraged to join youth clubs and become involved in activities outside of school, to enhance their development and experiences. In the majority of cases these are positive experiences.  However, for one young man that was not the case. We were instructed by him, many years after he had been subjected to childhood sexual abuse by one of his youth leaders. The abuse had been perpetrated in a number of locations and over a long period of time. Indeed, the manipulation and abuse continued well into adulthood.

This man came to us and reported that he had kept the abuse to himself, never opening up about what happened to him and how it had affected his life. Unfortunately for him the consequences of the abuse became so overwhelming that he broke down and had to be admitted to hospital for a long period of treatment.  He approached IBB Law once he had been discharged. We met with him and his wife at their home to learn more about had happened. We explained how we could help him.

The sexual assaults were investigated by the police and the abuser was subsequently charged with a number of offences. Enquiries continued, to build the case against the abuser with a date set for the criminal trial against the individual concerned. Unfortunately, the criminal trial had to be adjourned due to illness which caused further distress for our client, particularly as the abuser continued to deny all the allegations made against him. Those denials continued right up to the day before the trial actually proceeded, approximately six months later, when the paedophile made significant admissions about what he had done to our client. As a result of those admissions about his sexual behaviour the paedophile was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment.

Prior to the criminal trial, civil legal proceedings were commenced, to recover compensation against the youth organisation. It was the organisation who engaged the abuser and it was argued that they were responsible for the actions of this person.

To understand the full effects of the abuse upon our client we arranged for him to be seen by a consultant psychiatrist. The consultant psychiatrist produced a detailed report, detailing the mental health harm caused by the long period of abuse over childhood and adulthood, which had led to the breakdown of his marriage, following disclosure of such abuse. Our client received and would continue to receive support from mental health services, to enable him to deal with the continuing effects of the abuse.

Having completed our own enquiries into the full effects of the harm upon our client negotiations were conducted with the youth organisation’s solicitors, with a view to reaching a compensation settlement.  At the time of those negotiations are client had been back at work for some period of time and although he had reduced his workload to light duties, as a consequence of the mental breakdown, he was now much improved and there were real prospects of returning to full-time work and full duties.

Our client’s emotional state had stabilised and he was really looking forward to the future, particularly as his abuser had admitted the offences against him and was now serving a long custodial sentence.

In our negotiations with the youth organisation’s solicitors we were able to achieve a very satisfactory outcome, which our client was delighted with. Of IBB Law, our client said:

Upon first contact I felt at ease and comfortable with explaining my case with them. From day one to the end they have been there all the way, helping me, answering any questions I had. Everything was done with respect and a friendly aspect of it all. I can’t fault IBB Law, always keeping me fully updated, advising me in the best way forward, very approachable and always at hand. Malcolm Underhill is someone who has been there all the way….. very polite, honest and kind in the way he was with me in a difficult case.


Compensation for recent or historic child sexual abuse

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