Child Abuse

Six Figure Compensation to Child Groomed and Abused

A boisterous child proved challenging for those charged with his care and education. It was considered to be in the child’s best interests if he was to be educated in a residential environment. This should have been a place where he would be nurtured, educated, acquire life skills and mature into a young adult. Unfortunately, the residential home was the workplace of a man who took pleasure in exploiting the young for his own pernicious gratification.

The consequences of the physical, sexual and emotional abuse had a profound effect on the child. They left school without reaching their optimum potential and due to the consequences of the abuse was unable to hold down a job. Relationships with adults were limited as trust in adults had been destroyed by the behaviour of one man. Decades of mental health problems followed.

Then came help.  My client, in his 40’s was not the only victim of abuse at his residential school. Rumours had begun to circulate and following investigation by the police the paedophile was charged with a number of offences. My client was a witness for the prosecution, who was able to provide detailed accounts of the abuse he suffered.  That ultimately resulted in the paedophile being convicted and sent to prison for many years. However, removing the paedophile from public risk did not lead to any improvement in my client’s mental health.

He found it difficult to engage in services provided by the NHS and thus a claim was launched to recover compensation for the decades of ill health and for private medical treatment to improve his well being. 

Unfortunately, the school in the east of the country had closed down. Whilst many records were available and some members of staff traceable, those responsible for running the school were not prepared to accept responsibility for the teacher’s actions, even though he was employed at the school and had been convicted by a criminal court.

My client was determined to see justice.   Having heaped pressure on those responsible for managing the school and starting legal action, the organisation responsible for employing the paedophile gave ground and indicated a willingness to settle the case, to avoid going to trial.

Within a short period of time a satisfactory conclusion was reached.  What also helped in this case was a personal, face to face, apology from those responsible for engaging the paedophile, and continuing to do so, even after warnings had been given about the suspicious behaviour of the paedophile.

The money received by my client cannot make up for the years of suffering, but it does enable them to obtain medical treatment, which will hopefully lift the burden of carrying the consequences of the abuse.  That compensation will also enable them to make a new start in life, to focus on a much brighter future, rather than one blighted by the actions of an abuser.  Indeed, their intention was to find a new home, to physically distance themselves from where the abuse took place. They also planned to investigate local private health providers, to give them the best chance of having a fresh start.

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