Industrial Disease

Living Mesothelioma Victim - The Importance of Acting Quickly

I was instructed by a client within days of him being diagnosed with this Asbestos related cancer. I was then able to make arrangements to visit him at his home the day after he made contact with us.

I was able to take full instructions from him regarding the circumstance of his exposure and his employment history and as a result prepare a detailed statement setting out his employment history.  I prepared a detailed statement setting out his employment history and and exposure which was sent to him on the same day.

During the course of my initial conversation with him on the telephone I was able to trace the whereabouts of his employers, who fortunately are still trading and also identify the insurers.

This meant that I was able to send a formal letter of claim to his former employers within a couple of days of meeting with the client and enter into immediate dialogue with the insurers concerned.

Within a month of the meeting the medical records had been obtained from his GP and the treating hospital.  Instructions were sent to a Respiratory Consultant to prepare a report.

As a consequence of meeting with the client at his home I was also able to learn a great deal about the company he worked for and the nature of the work he was doing, as well as the company he worked for. The client was a highly skilled master joiner. The company he worked for at the time of his exposure were often employed by major shipping companies to carry out the joinery work required when they were refitting luxury cruise liners, both in “dry” dock and at sea.

Mesothelioma is a fatal disease. It is massively debilitating and it is essential that steps are taken to gather information as quickly as possible.

Once diagnosed a claimant’s life expectancy is very limited.   It is essential that where instructions are received from a living client a detailed signed statement is obtained without delay.  This will be essential when dealing with the question of exposure if it is raised by the employer.

Time is of the essence in disease litigation and never more so when you are acting for a terminally ill claiman.