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Successful Recovery of Compensation From a Dead Paedophile

We were successful in recovering £100,000 of compensation for our client who was sexually abused in childhood, by a family member.

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We were approached by Mr A, who at the time of the approach was living in Portugal. He approached us as solicitors specialising in acting for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. He told us that he had been sexually abused as a 10-year-old by his uncle. At the time of the sexual abuse he was living with his parents in the Home Counties.

Having suffered for a very long time, with the anger, pain and distress, caused by the sexual assaults, he returned to England, to finally seek justice he wanted. He approached his local police station to report the abuse. An investigating officer from another police force then contacted him, from the area where the sexual abuse took place. Mr A provided a detailed statement of what had happened to him in childhood, following which the police began investigations, with an approach to the uncle, to conduct an interview.

At the time of that first visit by the police, the uncle was not at home and therefore a note was left for the uncle to make contact, with the police indicating the enquiry related to Mr A..

Arrangements were made to bring the uncle in for questioning shortly after but on arrival at his home, they did not get a response. Therefore, entry was gained to the property, whereupon they found the uncle in a chair with an empty bottle of pills.

Although the death of the uncle brought the police investigation to a halt, a coroner’s inquest took place, which resulted in a verdict of suicide through paracetamol toxicity.

Mr A’s view was that his uncle had cheated the justice system, which made him even more angry about the abuse which had been meted out to him as a 10-year-old.

Although the uncle had died, the claim was not lost. We acted promptly to ensure no action would be taken to deal with the estate of the paedophile. We prevented the executors from distributing the assets of the estate in accordance with the will of the abuser.

To understand the 40 years of suffering experienced by our client, a medical report was obtained from a specialist health professional. We also obtained evidence from Mr A as to the way in which the abuse had affected his life, on a day to day basis. Armed with this evidence we set about negotiating with the executors appointed under the will of the paedophile. Those negotiations resulted in a successful outcome with Mr A recovering £100,000 compensation for the effects of the sexual abuse.

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If you are a victim and survivor of childhood sexual abuse and would like advice about the possibility of claiming compensation, even where the abuser / paedophile is dead, please, call 0333 123 9099, email or use the enquiry form to request a call back.

What do others say about us?

We have acted for many people, both children and adults over the years some of whom have shared their experiences.

“My experience with IBB Solicitors was excellent from the first phone call right until the end. They don’t give up. They fight all the way to get you justice. Malcolm Underhill took my case and ran with it…”

"We will be forever grateful for your kind and sensitive handling of (the) case and I will, of course, have no hesitation in recommending you and IBB to any other unfortunate individual
should we come across them."

“I would recommend IBB Solicitors as they were very clear from the beginning as to the process, timescale and commitment required to obtain a positive outcome. They were also instrumental in providing the platform for me to work through the experiences I had been through by putting me in touch with the right professional persons”

(Malcolm Underhill) “always very considerate, supportive and encouraging from the outset and always had a positive opinion that I could work through this and come out with a more positive mind frame. I truly believe Malcolm had as much interest in my personal well-being as he did in obtaining the compensation fee. Without Malcolm’s consistent support and guidance to me and my parents, I am sure I would not be in the positive position I find myself in today”.

A market source praises his "clear and empathetic understanding of the individual client and family situation." One impressed client adds: "Malcolm Underhill has been superb from the outset. He has in-depth knowledge gained from extensive experience, which is certainly advantageous."