Malcolm Underhill

Malcolm Underhill


I am a Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence Partner, of many years’ experience. Although I have undertaken a range of work over my career, I have devoted a good deal of my time acting for those who have sustained a head injury, supporting both the victim and their family.

Alongside my brain injury work, I also act on behalf of abuse victims.

These practice areas overlap although the common reason for being a specialist is to make a positive different to people’s lives. For those with brain injury it is maximising their recovery and rehabilitation, to enable them to lead as full and independent lives as possible. Many make a good recovery, but there are many who do not. Therefore, the objective is to ensure maximum gains and life-long care and support, in a suitable environment.

Abuse and particularly abuse of young people, can have a long-term impact on all aspects of their lives. Without support, there is a risk that the person will become isolated, find it difficult to form relationships and be forced to rely on welfare benefits. Unfortunately, medical treatment is limited in the state sector but with specialist private medical treatment, obtained from a compensation claim, the outlook can be so much brighter.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a brain injury patient return home and work towards resuming a full life. Similarly, to recover compensation and see an abuse victim obtain treatment, so they are not bound to carry the burden of abuse for the rest of their lives, is uplifting.

Through my hard work and dedication I have earned the title Fellow of the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (“APIL”). I am also an accredited Brain Injury Specialist (APIL), of which there are less than 40 in the country. I am also on The Law Society Personal Injury Panel.

I have also completed an academic period of study to further develop my knowledge of the physiology of the brain and the effects of injury, as well as rehabilitation. The Certificate in Brain Injury Studies was awarded by Headway, the brain injury charity, who ran the course in partnership with Northampton University.

A few years ago, I was persuaded to participate in a triathlon. I really enjoyed it, so now I am frequently seen swimming, biking and running, and sometimes, all on the same day. This certainly helps to displace my irritation at how poorly Governments treat vulnerable people.