Salima Mawji

Salima Mawji

Educational Law Consultant

Salima is a highly experienced lawyer with extensive experience operating in the education sector. Starting her career at AP Law, Salima moved her way up from a training position to head of department. She then left to co-found Match Solicitors in 2005, a law company classed as a top tier-legal 500 & Chambers & Partners firm and ranked as number one in the country for Education Law.

Her time there involved overseeing cases that focused on academic and educational disputes. The period also saw her managing a full legal team and overseeing all key elements of the business. The success of the Match Solicitors brand resulted in it being sold to another legal firm in 2018 before Salima moved on to found SalimaMawji Law in 2019.

Throughout her legal career, Salima has spent significant time operating in the educational sector and cultivating a professional portfolio that involves operating in the fields of contract law, litigation, tort law, discrimination, and much more. This also includes pursuing cases in relation to fitness to practise and regulation, employment and public law, mediation, and quality assurance and compliance.

This comprehensive experience allows Salima to provide high-grade guidance and support in the field of academic law and pursue her personal passion of ensuring clients are represented fairly, accurately, and supported throughout the legal process.