Seema Bagha

Seema Bagha


I am a Solicitor in the Personal Injury and Clinical Negligence team at IBB Solicitors. I have gained many years of experience handling Personal Injury Claims. I am committed to deliver an outstanding service to clients and their families who have suffered life changing injuries, whether they are physical or psychological injuries. I am a friendly, approachable person, who is here to support you throughout your claim.

I specialise as a Personal Injury Solicitor and Medical Negligence Solicitor.

I handle serious injuries claims sustained due to road traffic accidents, including brain injury. I have experience in clinical and medical negligence claims caused by substandard treatment or care provided by healthcare professionals. These range from fatal claims, delayed diagnosis, incorrect diagnosis, birth of baby cases that have gone wrong and other such similar cases.

I take a particular interest in negligent birth injury claims having worked at the Nursing and Midwifery Council. As well as dealing with general complaints against nurses and midwives I fully understand fitness to practice requirements. I know what poor care during or after delivery looks like. I have the skill and experience to sport training and competency issues of nurses and midwives.

I also deal with dental, head injury, fatality claims and child abuse victim claims and have developed a good understanding of the law surrounding these claims.

I have dealt with many cases which I have taken to Court and have also settled successfully, recovering the best possible award for my clients. Litigation is not something I would shy away from.

Personal Injury claims can be highly contentious and complex. It is important our clients are provided with expert guidance through every stage of the process and feel supported. As well as providing my legal expertise I understand the importance of recovering maximum compensation and accessing rehabilitation, to maximise recovery from injury.

I look to prioritise rehabilitation of my clients and restoring as much of their life as possible, as well as claiming financial losses.