Child Abuse in Hospitals

When you're ill in hospital, you put your trust in skilled professionals who are dedicated to your welfare.

Unfortunately, a small minority of people who have a duty of care towards us breach this trust when we are at our most vulnerable.

Recently, the scale of abuse by Jimmy Savile became headline news.

If you are a victim of physical, emotional or sexual abuse by a doctor, consultant, therapist, nurse or other hospital worker, you could be entitled to compensation. Making a compensation claim for the abuse can help you obtain justice as well as the long-term specialist health resources to help you in your recovery from the effects of the abuse. 

If you want to enquire about claiming compensation for abuse or mistreatment while under the care of a health professional, please contact our sensitive and caring solicitors today. We offer a No-Win, No-Fee Agreement so there is no financial risk to you if you are not successful. To discuss your case or to make an appointment please contact us on 0333 123 9099. Alternatively, please email us at or complete our online form.

Sexual abuse of children in hospitals and other health care institutions

Despite more robust safeguarding procedures, sadly, abuse of vulnerable adults and children still goes on in hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Recent convictions include that of  Myles Bradbury, a paediatric haematologist at Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge, who admitted 25 sexual offences against boys aged between 8 and 17, committed between 2009 and 2013. Dr Michael Boylan, a medical researcher at  Ninewells Hospital,  Dundee, was jailed for two years after downloading over a thousand child abuse images to his office computer.

Emotional and physical abuse of children in hospital

It is rare, but from time to time tragic examples come to light of the very worst breaches of trust. In 1993 Beverley Allitt, a State Enrolled Nurse, was convicted of murdering four children, attempting to murder three other children, and causing grievous bodily harm to a further six children under her care, all during a period of two months in 1991. The youngest of her victims was only seven weeks old.  She was given 13 life sentences and is now detailed in a secure hospital.

In 2000, the UK's most prolific serial killer, GP Harold Shipman, was convicted of 15 murders, which he had committed by administering overdoses of diamorphine. A subsequent inquiry found that he was responsible for the deaths of 218 patients, but is believed to have killed up to 250 people between 1971 and 1998, when he was caught.

If you or your child have been abused or mistreated in a hospital or healthcare facility

If you have been abused by a GP, nurse, consultant or other health professional, contact us today.  Our team of specialist qualified abuse lawyers can provide help and advice, seeking to help you beyond the law.  Our personal injury specialists take a compassionate and caring approach to all claims for abuse, acting for children and adults. To discuss your case or to make an appointment please contact us on 0333 123 9099. Alternatively, please email us at or complete our online form.