Child Abuse in Hospitals

Myles Bradbury

We are supporting a victim of alleged abuse by Dr Myles Bradbury, Consultant Haematologist,  who was convicted in 2015 in respect of a number of sexual offences.  We are supporting the victim to obtain justice and compensation for the abuse they claim to have suffered.

If you were a patient of Dr Myles Bradbury or if you worked with him, you could be in a position to help a victim obtain the compensation they deserve and that could help them recover from the alleged abuse. To discuss your case or to make an appointment please contact us on 0333 123 9099. Alternatively, please email us at or complete our online form.

Consultant paediatrician admits sexual abuse offences

We all probably like to think that we will be able to recognise, or rather detect, a paedophile, when we meet them, perhaps someone who takes an excessively keen interest in children. That may sometimes be the case, but sadly, in many cases, they look just like you and me, ie quite ordinary, with no obvious signs to alert others to their wicked intentions.  Indeed, that is what child abusers rely on; others seeing them as ordinary, individuals who do not stand out.     

Some abusers will rely on the positon they hold, as status can be used as cloak to avoid suspicion. This is well illustrated in the case of Myles Bradbury. He was a doctor and a skilful one at that. He was a consultant haematologist, treating some of the country’s most unwell children.  He treated young children with haemophilia, leukaemia and other serious illnesses at Addenbrooke's Hospital.

Dr Myles Bradbury sexual abused a number of young patients 

A report commissioned by Addenbrooks’s Hospital, after Bradbury’s behaviour was reported, revealed clearly how he was able to use his status to protect him from suspicion. The report recorded that one mother watched Bradbury slip his hand under her daughter's top without warning, but she did not want to question his professionalism. This particular mother was probably not the only parent to assume the actions of Bradbury were undertaken with professional intent. Indeed, the writer is aware of patients and parents, in another setting, not suspecting the real intentions of a doctor, who was abusing his position.

As to Bradbury, he used excessive puberty checks as an excuse to assault patients, while their parents sat unaware on the other side of the curtain. He took images of his victims, using a spy pen, which contained over 170,000 image of boys partially clothed, none indecent. It seems it was not just patients and parents who were in awe of his position, but other health professionals too.  The hospital had a rule that a chaperone should be present for the examination of patients. Unfortunately, this was often ignored. One nurse thought Bradbury was "bending over backwards" to be flexible when he saw patients out-of-hours.

Even when challenged by another doctor, who confronted the blood cancer specialist, Bradbury said it was at the patient’s request. He told families that it was "essential for him to see their child alone" and that they should learn to trust doctors.  Almost unbelievably he went on holiday with one of his former patients and the boy's mother. When a consultant confronted him, Bradbury agreed he could no longer be his doctor.  Following his arrest, a review of the records was undertaken, which included a reference to Bradbury “being "awfully focused" on puberty.

The plain fact is that Bradbury manipulated the system to perform "criminal, intimate examinations", the report produced for Addenbrooke’s Hospital found.

Myles Bradbury was finally arrested in December 2013. He admitted 25 criminal offences dating between 2009 and 2013, including sexual assault, voyeurism and possessing more than 16,000 indecent images. He was subsequently sentenced to a prison sentence of 22 years, later reduced to 16 years.

Victims of the abuse have received compensation

There have been compensation claims arising from the abuse. The hospital reports that it has received 31 claims, 15 of which have been settled. The Hospital says it has paid out over £600,000 in compensation.

The money will go some way to repair the harm done by Bradbury, particularly if the survivors of the abuse receive support to enable them to recover from the harm done. Addenbrooke’s Hospital will have learnt from this experience. It is equally important that parents also learn from this episode.  Whilst we should show respect to others, we should not be afraid to challenge when we are concerned about the safety of our children. If we are uncomfortable with a situation then our instincts may be right, so we should ask questions.

Creating a safe space when communicating with our children

We should also ask questions of our children. It is important to have a safe space for communication between parents and children, to be able to ask open questions and to listen attentively to your child. Conversations with your children should start from an early age, without secrets. It is recommended there is regular family times to discuss things in a relaxed environment. The importance of good open conversations with children cannot be overstated, as abusers rely on secrets. Making your child aware of potential dangers will improve the chances of remaining safe.  For further information on keeping your child safe from harm, please read to How to Protect Your Child from Sexual Abuse.

Compensation for victims of sexual abuse by doctors, specialists, nurses or other health professionals

Call us for free initial advice to discuss the possibility of claiming compensation. We offer a No-Win No-Fee Agreement so there is no financial risk involved if you are not successful.  To discuss your case or to make an appointment please contact us on 0333 123 9099. Alternatively, please email us at or complete our online form.



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