Child Abuse in Hillingdon

Child Abuse in Hillingdon

It is only in the last 20 years that child abuse has been exposed for what it is. Although, initially, the exposure of childhood abuse centred upon religious institutions and then, the entertainment industry, we now know that paedophiles have exploited children in all conceivable environments and circumstances, to gratify their own perverted needs.

Paedophiles are not drawn to specific parts of the country but are around us and whilst there is nothing to suggest that children in Hillingdon are at a greater risk than anywhere else in the country, the reality is that child sexual abuse will be perpetrated wherever paedophiles consider they can obtain easy access to children.

IBB Claims Solicitors are here to help, to help if you were a victim of childhood sexual abuse when you were a child, or, now, as a parent, you are the unfortunate victim of a paedophile who has gained access to your child. We specialise in helping survivors of abuse, seeking to obtain justice, fighting on their behalf and ensuring that their needs are not forgotten, but are met (in financial terms) from those who are responsible, or from those who allowed these things to happen, by such organisations not taking adequate precautions against individuals who had access to children and young people.

Where do IBB Claims Solicitors specialise?

As we are based in Uxbridge we are at a unique advantage when acting for survivors of abuse and the parents of children who have been sexually abused in Uxbridge, sexually abused in Hillingdon, sexually abused in Ruislip, sexually abused in Ruislip Manor, sexually abused in Iver, sexually abused in Harefield, sexually abused in Denham, sexually abused in Maple Cross, sexually abused in Eastcote, sexually abused in Rayners Lane, sexually abused in Pinner, sexually abused in Chalfont, sexually abused in High Wycombe, sexually abused in Stanmore, sexually abused in Northwood, sexually abused in Rickmansworth, sexually abused in Chorleywood, sexually abused in Hayes, sexually abused in Northolt, sexually abused in Yiewsley, sexually abused in West Drayton, sexually abused in Simpson, sexually abused in Harlington, sexually abused in Harmondsworth or sexually abused in Ealing.

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Whether you are a parent phoning in respect of a child who has been sexually abused, or an adult who was abused in childhood, we will not ask you for the details of what happened.

We will ask you a limited number of questions as to when it took place, where it took place, whether a family member was the abuser, or an individual abusing a child in connection with their work. We will then be able to advise you on the prospects of pursuing a successful Hillingdon child abuse compensation claim and how we can help you, and your child, to address the consequences of what has happened.

We also act for adults, who were abused in childhood, and, similarly, we do not ask for details of the abuse. We seek limited information, answers to key questions, to enable us to provide you with a swift answer as to whether you have the prospects of making a successful Hillingdon child abuse compensation claim.

Who will I talk to if I want to make a child abuse compensation claim.

You will speak to one of our specialist lawyers, who will understand that it has not been easy to make an enquiry, to make a telephone call, to explore whether there is a case, a claim for compensation.

You may speak to our specialist Solicitor Partner, Malcolm Underhill, who leads the Child Abuse team, who has worked for IBB Claims over 15 years. Child abuse compensation claims are often complex and thus a combination of Malcolm’s experience, knowledge and local knowledge give him a notable advantage when acting on your behalf or on behalf of your child.

One of Malcolm’s many clients described him, in 2019, as “professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs”

What does a paedophile look like?

Perhaps we all like to think that if we came into contact with a child sexual abuser or paedophile we would somehow be able to identify them as a predator and thus steer them away from children or steer children away from them. Unfortunately, in reality, it is not possible to identify a paedophile or child abuser simply by the way they look. Although paedophiles use symbols and codes to identify themselves (perhaps to others of a similar inclination), there are no obvious outward signs. Indeed, paedophiles look just like you and me.

Perhaps there is an image of the paedophile being a “dirty old man”. In reality, that is not the case as although many paedophiles are only arrested later in life, when they are elderly, their crimes were committed when they were younger, in their  20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

Despite a raising of awareness and elevated checks to protect children from evil paedophiles, child sexual abusers are still able to gain access to children. No doubt it is much harder than it was 20 years ago, to gain access to a child, but paedophiles use other methods to achieve sexual gratification.

It is important that parents remain alert, as we have seen paedophiles grooming parents, to obtain their confidence, which ultimately leads the paedophile to having easier access to a child. Therefore, we must all remain on our guard, to watch out for suspicious signs, be wary and certainly not rely upon processes, protocols and DBS checks alone as a way of protecting our children. Whilst such checks are important, we should also use our eyes and ears and, perhaps, our instincts, to ensure our children are safe.

Sexual Abuse in Hillingdon

As we have offices in Uxbridge and our partner, Malcolm Underhill, who leads the Child Abuse Team has lived and worked in the London Borough of Hillingdon for many years, we are aware of allegations of childhood sexual abuse in a number of environments and institutions, including schools, across the London Borough of Hillingdon.

Support from Police and Specialist Child Abuse Compensation Solicitor

When a child discloses they have been sexually abused, or their description indicates that they may have been abused, whether sexual, physical or emotional, it will always be a shock and after the shock of hearing the child’s account of what has happened to them, the next thoughts are about what to do, both for the child and in respect of the person who has meted out the assaults on their child.

The advice is to report the disclosure of child abuse to the police. The police have specialist officers who, with a child involved, will take immediate steps, to investigate the allegations and, one hopes, to make an early arrest.   Once arrested a detailed investigation will be conducted and ultimately it is further hoped that the police, with the support of the Crown Prosecution Service, will prosecute the child sexual abuser.   A successful prosecution is very likely to lead to that individual being handed down a custodial sentence, ensuring they are out of reach of children for many years.

The role of the police has expanded in recent years and they will, certainly in the case of children, refer their parents to support services, to enable the child to obtain professional support from therapists, counsellors or others similarly trained in helping survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Unfortunately, the resources of the NHS and voluntary services are limited and therefore the period of support may be relatively short.

It is our experience, having acted on behalf of child abuse victims for many years, that the survivors will require support for a long period of time, to ensure that the child does not carry the baggage of their childhood experiences throughout their life. Our experience shows that with the right support they will be able to cope with the consequences of their experiences, so that it does not have a long-term impact upon their education, job, relationship with their family and long-term adult relationships.

Unfortunately, the NHS and voluntary/charitable services are not able to provide mental health support on a long-term basis and therefore making a claim for compensation, to include compensation for the cost of private counselling, therapy or other treatment can be the best way forward, to give your child the best chances of recovering from their awful experiences. We will, through our experience, arrange for the child to be seen by a specialist paediatric psychiatrist, to understand the effects of the abuse and to establish precisely what kind of treatment is appropriate for that child. We will then obtain compensation, on behalf of the child, to ensure that the child and their parents can obtain access to high quality mental health care in the private sector.

When should I make a claim for Child Abuse Compensation in Hillingdon?

It may be tempting, after a child has disclosed abuse and the matter has been reported to the police, to take no further action other than endeavour to access treatment on the NHS. It may be hoped that any adverse consequences from the sexual abuse, will somehow disappear. Unfortunately, our experience is that symptoms of childhood sexual abuse do not disappear, fade or evaporate.

Symptoms of childhood sexual abuse remain and may have a terrible impact upon a child’s mental development, performance at school, particularly when it comes to examinations, their potential for success at higher education (if that is a course they are likely to take), the type of work and prospects of continuous employment, as well as, perhaps most importantly, their relationships with their family and others, including adult intimate relationships. Sadly, we have seen all these aspects of an individual’s life being affected by childhood sexual abuse, whether it was a single episode of abuse, or multiple sexual assaults over a period of time.

Therefore, our advice is that parents should at least consider taking action to give their child the best chance of making a good recovery from the abuse, as soon as possible. Ultimately, it is a matter for the family as to whether they want to take action, or perhaps not talk about the consequences of what happened and hope, fingers crossed, that the physical and sexual assault will not impact upon their child’s life. However, for those parents who feel they would like to explore what can be done to help their child, pursuing a compensation claim can be the way forward and we are happy to advise parents on how we can help. There is no obligation to take any action whatsoever (following an initial conversation) and we appreciate parents will need time to reflect. Talking to us will give you the opportunity to discuss, if you wish, what symptoms you see in your child and whether you feel IBB Claims Solicitors can help.

What our Clients say about us

IBB Claims Solicitors act for survivors of child abuse, both children (with their parents making the claim) and adults (who were abused as children) across the country. We are proud to have helped so many individuals to obtain justice, many of whom have written kind words about what we do. A selection of those are set out below.

“My experience with IBB solicitors was fantastic, my case was a very sensitive one dating back to my childhood but was dealt with in a way that I could only have wished for”.

“Precise information to me on time and at all times. Really felt they were getting the best result for me”.

“Malcolm Underhill-professional, knowledgeable, and sensitive to my needs during this distressing case. A joy to work with.”

“My experience with IBB Solicitors was excellent from the first phone call right until the end. They don’t give up. They fight all the way to get you justice. Malcolm Underhill took my case and ran with it…”

"We will be forever grateful for your kind and sensitive handling of (the) case and I will, of course, have no hesitation in recommending you and IBB to any other unfortunate individual
should we come across them."

“I would recommend IBB Solicitors as they were very clear from the beginning as to the process, timescale and commitment required to obtain a positive outcome. They were also instrumental in providing the platform for me to work through the experiences I had been through by putting me in touch with the right professional persons”

(Malcolm Underhill) “always very considerate, supportive and encouraging from the outset and always had a positive opinion that I could work through this and come out with a more positive mind frame. I truly believe Malcolm had as much interest in my personal well-being as he did in obtaining the compensation fee. Without Malcolm’s consistent support and guidance to me and my parents, I am sure I would not be in the positive position I find myself in today”.

“My experience with IBB solicitors was fantastic, my case was a very sensitive one dating back to my childhood but was dealt with in a way that I could only have wished for”.

IBB solicitors are recommended because of providing “concise and precise information to me on time and at all times. Really felt they were getting the best result for me”.

(Malcolm Underhill) - “professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs during this distressing case. A joy to work with”.

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We understand it is not easy to talk about what has happened to you, or what has happened to your child. We will certainly not ask you for details of the sexual abuse, but a limited number of questions so that we may understand the broad background to what has happened. Such limited information will be sufficient for us to provide you with an immediate advice as to whether we are able to assist you to bring claim for compensation on behalf of your son or daughter, or on behalf for yourself, if the abuse occurred many years ago.