Child Abuse in Ruislip

Child Abuse in Ruislip

We have acted for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, both children, and adults who were abused in childhood, for many, many years.

We have successfully pursued compensation on behalf of many clients across the country but are at a particular advantage when it comes to helping those who have been sexually abused in Ruislip and the surrounding area. Not only are we based locally, in Uxbridge, but our specialist Partner, Malcolm Underhill, who leads the Child Abuse team, has worked in Uxbridge over 15 years. Therefore, he has a unique insight into many of the local organisations and institutions, such as churches, schools, sports groups and other organisations, that give him an edge over other solicitors.  We have successfully brought child abuse compensation claims against local organisations/institutions, for those living locally.

Our local knowledge extends to counsellors and therapists who specialise in supporting survivors of childhood sexual abuse, both children and adults.

Where do we specialise?

As we are based in Uxbridge we are at a unique advantage when acting for survivors of abuse and the parents of children who have been sexually abused in Ruislip, sexually abused in Ruislip Manor, sexually abused in Eastcote, sexually abused in Rayners Lane, sexually abused in Harrow, sexually abused in Pinner, sexually abused in Harrow Weald, sexually abused in Harrow, sexually abused in Stanmore, sexually abused in Hillingdon, sexually abused in Uxbridge, sexually abused in Hayes, sexually abused in Yiewsley, sexually abused in West Drayton, sexually abused in Northolt, sexually abused in Greenford, sexually abused in Ealing or sexually abused in Southall.

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Contact our no win, no fee Ruislip child-abuse solicitors now, for advice on how to make a compensation claim for childhood sexual assault, or to explore the options and possibilities that are available, without any obligation. Call us today on 0333 123 9099, email or fill in our online form.

Please be assured that when you contact us we will not ask you for the details of what happened. We can provide preliminary advice on the basis of limited information from you and if you wish to proceed then, at a later stage, we will learn about what happened. However, that will only occur when you feel able to speak about past events.

When should I make a claim for Child Abuse Compensation in Ruislip?

There are time limits for bringing a claim for child abuse compensation. The law requires individuals to bring claims for child abuse compensation in Ruislip, within three years of the assaults taking place. However, there are exceptions to that rule.

Children do not have to make a claim until they reach 18 years and at that point have three additional years to start the claim. Therefore, a claim must be made by the child, now an adult, by their 21st birthday.

There is a further exception because the courts have come to understand how abuse can affect an individual, thus making it impossible for them to talk about what happened to them not only in childhood, but also some years into adulthood. Therefore, depending on the facts of each and every case, the courts may allow claims to be made well outside the three-year time limit.

Although this time limit begins to run from the age of 18, we have acted for many clients in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s.  Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that a claim brought outside the three-year time limit, will succeed. Each case is considered on its own very specific facts. Therefore, it is important that once a survivor feels they might be able to talk about what happened to them in childhood, that they do so as soon as possible, as delay can bar a successful claim for child abuse compensation, whatever the circumstances of the abuse.

It is also important not to be complacent when a child discloses to a parent, that they have been assaulted. Although they may have years ahead of them, to decide when to make a claim, our experience is that it is important to obtain support early, to address the potential harm that may be caused.

We have acted from many adult clients where the abuse impacted upon their schoolwork, their examination performance, career and relationships. Therefore, whilst there might be a temptation not to take action, once the child has disclosed, such inertia may result in trouble being stored up for the future, which may have a significant detrimental impact upon the child’s life. Our advice is to seek help early.

What our Clients have said about what we do

IBB Law have acted for many adults who were sexually abused in childhood, and also for children, who we have helped through their parents. We are proud to have played our part in providing support to all those who have pursued justice. Here is what they have to say about what we do.

“My experience with IBB Law was fantastic, my case was a very sensitive one dating back to my childhood but was dealt with in a way that I could only have wished for”.

“Precise information to me on time and at all times. Really felt they were getting the best result for me”.

“Malcolm Underhill-professional, knowledgeable, and sensitive to my needs during this distressing case. A joy to work with.”

“My experience with IBB Law was excellent from the first phone call right until the end. They don’t give up. They fight all the way to get you justice. Malcolm Underhill took my case and ran with it…”

"We will be forever grateful for your kind and sensitive handling of (the) case and I will, of course, have no hesitation in recommending you and IBB to any other unfortunate individual
should we come across them."

“I would recommend IBB Law as they were very clear from the beginning as to the process, timescale and commitment required to obtain a positive outcome. They were also instrumental in providing the platform for me to work through the experiences I had been through by putting me in touch with the right professional persons”

(Malcolm Underhill) “always very considerate, supportive and encouraging from the outset and always had a positive opinion that I could work through this and come out with a more positive mind frame. I truly believe Malcolm had as much interest in my personal well-being as he did in obtaining the compensation fee. Without Malcolm’s consistent support and guidance to me and my parents, I am sure I would not be in the positive position I find myself in today”.

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Whether you live in Ruislip, Ruislip Manor, Eastcote, Rayners Lane, Harrow, Harrow Weald, Pinner, Stanmore, Ickenham, Hillingdon, Uxbridge, Yiewsley, West Drayton, Northolt, Southall, Ealing or Hayes contact our no win, no fee child-abuse compensation solicitors now, for advice on how to make a compensation claim for childhood sexual assault, or to explore the options and possibilities that are available, without any obligation. Call us today on 0333 123 9099, email or fill in our online form.

We understand how difficult it can be to talk about these things and you may not know where to start. Therefore, please be assured that when you contact us we will not ask you for details of what happened: that is not necessary. The details of what happened are less important than understanding the consequences upon you or your child, and when these events took place.