Child Abuse in Uxbridge

Child Abuse in Uxbridge

Specialist Solicitors Acting for Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

We are IBB Law. We specialise in acting for the survivors of childhood sexual abuse, as well as physical and emotional abuse.

We act for both children and for adults. We frequently act for adults who were sexually abused in childhood, but who have only recently been able to talk to someone about their childhood experiences.

The reason why you should consider instructing IBB Law to act on your behalf, or on behalf of someone you know, who has been sexually abused in childhood, is because of our extensive knowledge, skills and long experience in acting on behalf of survivors for many years. Over many years we have been successful in recovering substantial compensation for children and for adults who were abused as a child.

We are based in, Uxbridge, in the London borough of Hillingdon. Therefore, we have detailed local knowledge of those institutions, including schools and sports clubs that have already been found responsible for having abusers in their midst.

Consequently, if you have suffered childhood sexual abuse in Hillingdon, sexual abuse in Uxbridge, sexual abuse in Ruislip, or Ruislip Manor, childhood sexual abuse in Ickenham, childhood sexual abuse in West Drayton, child abuse in Yiewsley, child abuse in Hayes, child abuse in Northolt, sexual abuse in Northwood, abuse in Pinner, childhood sexual abuse in Eastcote, Southall, childhood sexual abuse in Harefield, Harrow or Slough, we are uniquely placed to help you.

What do others say about us?

We have acted for many people, both children and adults over the years some of whom have shared their experiences.

“My experience with IBB Law was excellent from the first phone call right until the end. They don’t give up. They fight all the way to get you justice. Malcolm Underhill took my case and ran with it…”

"We will be forever grateful for your kind and sensitive handling of (the) case and I will, of course, have no hesitation in recommending you and IBB to any other unfortunate individual
should we come across them."

“I would recommend IBB Law as they were very clear from the beginning as to the process, timescale and commitment required to obtain a positive outcome. They were also instrumental in providing the platform for me to work through the experiences I had been through by putting me in touch with the right professional persons”

(Malcolm Underhill) “always very considerate, supportive and encouraging from the outset and always had a positive opinion that I could work through this and come out with a more positive mind frame. I truly believe Malcolm had as much interest in my personal well-being as he did in obtaining the compensation fee. Without Malcolm’s consistent support and guidance to me and my parents, I am sure I would not be in the positive position I find myself in today”.


Although a great deal has been done over the last 20 years to safeguard children, including the introduction of new procedures and checks upon a person’s history, unfortunately individuals may still slip through the net.  Consequently, risks remain and we must all be vigilant, using our eyes and ears, not simply relying upon procedures, guidelines and protocols to prevent abusers from coming into contact with children.

Should I report child abuse to the police?

When an adult is concerned about the safety of a child and particularly that they may be the target of an abuser, they should consider reporting the concerns to the police. In fact, there are many rules requiring those in certain work environments to report their suspicions of child abuse, so that others, including the police, can take more formal action.

Harm caused by Childhood Sexual Abuse

Having met many survivors of childhood sexual abuse we are aware that nothing can make up for the harm caused by sexual assaults, whether occurring on a single occasion, or occurring over a number of years. Childhood sexual abuse takes away the innocence of childhood, causing distress, anxiety, fear and loathing. Unfortunately, such is the power of a paedophile that their control can stop a child talking to others and seeking help. As a result, children can suffer for many years, having a long-term impact on their adult life.

Can Compensation Help Me Recover from Childhood Sexual Abuse

We know that nothing can make up for the harm and loss of childhood, but action can be taken to recover financial compensation. Importantly, putting that money to good use, by rebuilding a life and, most importantly, obtaining access to specialist therapists or counsellors can greatly help. Specialist help from dedicated health professionals can enable a survivor of abuse to learn to cope with what has happened to them, so that the events of the past no longer dominate their lives or have a level of impact that prevents them from a normal life.

We are well aware that the consequences of childhood sexual assaults does not stop when the abuse stops. Sadly, the impact of childhood sexual abuse often continues for many years, long after the abuser has moved on.

Unfortunately, childhood sexual abuse can impact on and individuals school work, examination successes, capacity of work and the ability to hold down a job for a long period of time.   Abuse also frequently impacts upon an individual’s trust of others, and all authority. Again, sadly, it is not uncommon to see victims suffer with the breakdown important relationships.

Talk to us about how we may be able to help you.

Do I have to wait for the police investigation to be concluded?

You do not have to wait for a police investigation or a criminal prosecution, before making enquiries about a financial compensation claim. Indeed, there are time limits for making claims for child abuse compensation and therefore it is important to seek advice at the earliest opportunity. If you delay there is a risk that whatever the merits of your case and the severity of the abuse suffered, you will lose your entitlement to financial recompense. Therefore, seek specialist advice as soon as possible, to protect your interests and entitlement to child abuse compensation.

Can I make a claim for compensation even if the abuse is dead?

If the abuser died many years ago, there is no prospect of a claim against the individual. However, it may be possible to pursue an organisation or institution, if the abuser used their work position to gain access and abuse the child.

If the abuser has died very recently it may still be possible to pursue compensation directly against the estate of the dead paedophile.

There are a number of possibilities, so it is important to ask a specialist solicitor.

When I meet the lawyer who will handle my claim?

Yes. It is important to us that we understand the effects of what has happened and to do that, a meeting is very helpful. It also gives the survivor, or the parent of the child, an opportunity to raise questions and to hear for themselves the commitment we have for helping them, and/or their child.

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