Child Abuse in Schools

If you are or have been a victim of abuse at school – whether emotional, physical or sexual abuse – you could be entitled to compensation for the injuries and trauma you have suffered.

Unfortunately, the abuse of children in schools is more common than previously thought. Teachers, boarding staff, caretakers and other teaching staff have all been implicated in the abuse of children and the threat still remains.


Of course, money can never make up for the abuse that you have suffered, but it can provide the means to take the steps towards recovery and healing. A child abuse compensation claims could allow you to obtain funds for:

  • Medical treatment
  • Therapeutic resources such as access to specialist abuse counsellors and psychologists
  • Further education and training, in situations where the consequences of the abuse have impacted on your education and development

At IBB, our experienced child abuse solicitors have helped abuse victims from all walks of life. Whether you were abused in childhood, or are a recent victim (or the parent of a child who has been abused) our solicitors will review your case with compassion, sensitivity and professionalism. 

We can meet you at home or at a convenient location to discuss whether you have the grounds to make a compensation claim. We offer a free initial consultation and a no-win no-fee agreement.

Our child abuse solicitors are currently supporting a number of victims

We are currently acting on behalf of a number of children and adults who allege that they have been victims of abuse. We are therefore interested to hear from anyone who attended or worked at the following schools:

Reports of child abuse rose sharply in 2013-14 with the police recording 36,429 offences against children in the UK (Source: NSPCC Report (2015) How Safe Are Our Children?).  The research, carried out by the NSPCC, involved interviews of over 6000 young adults, teenagers, children, and parents of younger children, revealed that 1 in 20 children in the UK have been sexually abused 9Source: Radford, L et al (2011) Child Abuse and Neglect in the UK today).

Following the shock and outrage of the murder of two school girls by a known paedophile Ian Huntley, who worked as a caretaker in the school at Soham, many campaigners and child welfare groups called for the mandatory reporting of suspicions of child abuse. Many see this as an essential step in safeguarding children from abuse and ensuring that instances of child abuse in school are quickly identified and dealt with appropriately.

Why mandatory reporting of child abuse suspicions is important and should be implemented

As well as schools and boarding schools, the abuse of children has also been recorded in care homes, hospitals and organised sex trafficking and abuse rings where the authorities failed in their duty of care.

In our research on the extent of abuse in schools (which was published in the report Safe From Harm), Freedom of Information requests from education authorities in England, revealed:

6,107 allegations of physical or sexual abuse were made against nursery, primary and secondary school teaching staff in the three complete academic years (i.e. 2008/9, 2009/10, 2010/11).

Mandatory reporting will help protect our children. However completely removing the risk of paedophiles operating in schools and boarding schools can probably never be achieved, as perpetrators will potentially always slip through. It is therefore important to be vigilant and highlight the present and future risks of predators operating in schools, hospitals, community groups, care homes and other institutions.

Compensation for victims of child abuse

The NSPCC statistics and our own experience, suggest that victims of abuse – whether emotional, physical and sexual – are now more likely to report the abuse and to seek justice. In 2014 /15 ChildLine carried out 29, 126 counselling sessions with children and young people about some form of abuse (Source: Childline Annual Report).

The process of commencing legal proceedings allows a victim to bring the perpetrator to account for their actions, to prevent other children being potentially abused and to obtain the financial resources to facilitate their emotional recovery from abuse. 

Our expertise in child abuse compensation claims

Our dedicated team of specialist child abuse solicitors have supported children, adults and their families with both recent and historic child abuse claims. Our expertise has been independently recognised by a number of organisations, including the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers.

A victim of abuse discusses his experience of working with Malcolm Underhill.

If you have been abused at school, or you are the parent of a child who has been abused, our solicitors could help you

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