Abuse at Field End School, Eastcote, Middlesex in the 2000s

IBB’s child abuse lawyers are currently representing a victim who was abused in the 2000s while attending as a pupil at Field End School, Eastcote, Middlesex.

The alleged perpetrator of these offences, Robert Stringer, was due to stand trial in February 2010 for a number of sexual abuse offences. However shortly before the start of the trial, Mr Stringer died in a car accident.

We are supporting victims of abuse at Field End School to obtain justice and compensation for the abuse and trauma they suffered. If you were a child who attended the school in the 2000s, or the parent of a child, or if you were employed at the school during this period, you could be a position to help these victims obtain the compensation that they deserve and that could help them recover from the abuse. Please contact our solicitors today with any information that you may have, on 0333 123 9099. Alternatively, please email us at  enquiries@ibbclaims.co.uk or complete our online form.

Helping victims of child abuse obtain justice and compensation

If you are a victim of emotional, physical or sexual abuse at school, boarding school, or any other institution, you could be entitled to compensation. IBB’s abuse lawyers can expertly guide you through the process of making a compensation claim. We offer a free initial consultation where you can discuss your case in safe and supportive environment.

Our experienced lawyers have helped a number of children and adults, who were abused in childhood, obtain the financial compensation and resources required to improve their physical, mental and emotional well-being. Take the first steps towards healing and recovery by contacting our compensation experts on 0333 123 9099 or email enquiries@ibbclaims.co.uk.