Sheredes Primary School

Sheredes Primary School

Robert Buckley

Robert Buckley, aged 76 at the time of conviction, of Upper Marsh Lane, Hoddesdon, was deputy head teacher at Sheredes Primary School.  He left the school in the mid-1990s.

He was also a volunteer at the Boys’ Brigade in Hoddeston.

The offence

The offence came to the attention of the police when a report was made by the victim, in December 2018. He was found guilty of one count of indecent assault on a child, under the age of 10, in respect of an assault in 1985. The victim survivor was a pupil of Sheredes Primary School, although the assault did not take place at the school.


Following an earlier hearing, when he was found guilty, Robert Buckley was sentenced on 6 November 2020 to a period of four years in prison.  He will also serve an additional year on licence once he is released from prison.

 Police Statement

Assistant investigator Michelle Trussell, from Hertfordshire Constabulary’s Joint Child Protection Investigation Team, said: “Buckley grossly abused his position of trust when he had a duty to protect the victim from harm.

“Today, she has finally seen her abuser held to account for his despicable crime and I truly hope this gives her a sense of closure now, after carrying this with her for more than three decades.

“Historic offences, by their very nature, are challenging to investigate but I want to reassure any victim of child abuse that we will always listen to them, however long ago the crime happened.”

Boys’ Brigade

During the investigation, the police Inquiry found that Robert Buckley was a volunteer at the Boys’ Brigade in Hoddesdon. He was immediately suspended from the organisation after the allegation was made. His membership was cancelled following conviction.