Child Abuse in Kickboxing

Child Abuse in Kickboxing

A child learns from a variety of experiences. A solid academic education is essential although playtime with their friends and engaging in sporting activities are similarly important for a child's development. Many sporting opportunities are offered in schools, with what appears to be an unlimited range of opportunities outside the school curriculum. It seems as if the opportunities for children have never been so great.

One of many healthy activities that children can engage in, to learn things such as teamwork and discipline, is kickboxing.    Kickboxing is a combat sport, based on punching and kicking your opponent. It is a mixture of karate and boxing which originated in the Far East.

Kickboxing clubs rely upon dedicated sports women and sports men who spend many hours nurturing the talents of young people. The vast majority of those teaching the art of kickboxing do so with the best of intentions. However, a minority have other objectives and those with unsavoury desires may cause long-term psychiatric or psychological harm if they are able to sexually abuse young children.

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(Malcolm Underhill) “always very considerate, supportive and encouraging from the outset and always had a positive opinion that I could work through this and come out with a more positive mind frame. I truly believe Malcolm had as much interest in my personal well-being as he did in obtaining the compensation fee. Without Malcolm’s consistent support and guidance to me and my parents, I am sure I would not be in the positive position I find myself in today”.

Convicted kickboxing teachers

In 2009 Dave Prosser, or David Prosser, a kickboxing instructor was jailed for 21 years for sexually abusing children in his class. David Prosser, then aged 50, had run kickboxing classes across West London, including Dormers Wells School, Shadwell Drive Community Centre and Northolt Swimarama. David Prosser also set up kickboxing classes in community centres in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, including Capone’s in Church Street.

He had abused children for over 20 years, between 1980 and 2000, but he was finally stopped when a victim came forward to report the abuse to a police.

The victims of the abuser were aged between 9 and 13 years of age.

His conviction in 2009 followed a not guilty verdict at an earlier trial in 1997, when he was accused of sexually abusing two young boys who attended his kickboxing classes.

When convicted in 2009, at Isleworth Crown Court, he was found guilty on a number of charges, of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault against 20 boys and one girl, between 1980 and 2000.

After another boy came forward, David Prosser was prosecuted again and in 2019 was sentenced to a further three and a half years in prison.

How we handle kickboxing compensation claims

Our “no win no fee” kickboxing compensation claim service is available to help those who have suffered harm in childhood. Please contact us, with no obligation, to find out more how we may be able to help you

Please be assured that when you contact us we will not ask you for details of what happened: we will be able to provide some advice on what your options are, on the basis of a broad indication (from you) as to how the assaults have affected you, or what has happened to your daughter or son.

How much compensation can you claim for a kickboxing compensation claim

There are two elements to kickboxing compensation claims.

The first element relates to the mental and physical harm caused at the time of the abuse, and the consequential effects upon an individual’s mental well-being.

The second element relates to financial losses and expenses that may flow from being abused in childhood. It may be possible to claim for the cost of private medical treatment (counselling, therapy, psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy).

It may also be that as a consequence of the sexual abuse, the assaults impacted upon an individual’s school life, resulting in them underachieving at the time of examination. That may have spilled over into their prospects for work and thus in some cases it can prove possible to make a successful claim for loss of earnings, over many years, arising out of the sexual abuse in childhood.

Time limits for kickboxing compensation claims

The general rule of law is that a compensation claim for kickboxing abuse must be made within three years of the assault(s). However, there are exceptions to this time frame, so that the three-year period does not run against children until they reach the age of 18. Therefore, they should make a claim by their 21st birthday.

It is not unusual for those who have been assaulted in childhood, only to disclose their childhood experiences much later in life, perhaps in their late 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or even later. Under the general rule of law such claims would be out of time. However, the courts have come to understand the effects of childhood sexual abuse and therefore it can be possible to pursue a claim outside of the three-year period.

We have succeeded on many, many occasions for clients who have come forward many years after they were abused. Therefore, whatever age you are, it may still be possible to pursue a kickboxing compensation claim. Consequently, it is likely to be worth asking whether there is the possibility of making a successful claim ( .

Counselling support

We know a number of organisations and individuals that offer counselling and therapy for those who have suffered harm in childhood. We are able to make suggestions where individuals may be able to access support services.

How to make a kickboxing sexual abuse compensation claim

Contact our no win, no fee solicitors for advice on how to make a kickboxing sexual abuse compensation claim, or to simply consider what options and possibilities are available, without any obligation. Call us today on 0333 123 9099, email or fill in our online form.