Julian Roddis

Julian Roddis

Julian Roddis, an IT specialist, turned masseur used a USB clock device, which was also a camera, to record more than 900 women undressing. The images were attached to his laptop. He was discovered when one of the women became suspicious of the device and undertook an Internet search. Following a police investigation, more than 2000 video files were found.

Julian Roddis’ CV said he worked as a Bowen Therapist since 2014.

The offences

Julian Roddis admitted filming his clients and pleaded guilty to 9 counts of voyeurism at Peterborough Magistrates Court on the 30 April 2021.


Julian Roddis was sentenced to 4 years imprisonment, at Peterborough Crown Court, on 8 July 2021

Police Statement

DC Helen Keighley, who investigated the offences, said: “Many will read this case and think of what happened to these women as nothing short of a nightmare. 

“I can only imagine the woman’s horror when she discovered the clock in the massage room was in fact something much more sinister. 

“Roddis had set up working as a masseur but abused hundreds of women’s trust by privately filming them.  

“I hope the conviction gives the victims in this case a sense of closure and allows them to move on.”

The police also said, on their Facebook page: “A reminder - all victims of voyeurism get automatic anonymity for life.  

“We have avoided naming where Roddis worked for this reason, so please do not write this in the comments.”