Nikki Anton Pike

Rock climbing Teacher Nikki Anton Pike sent to prison for multiple sexual offences

Who is Nikki Anton Pike?

Nikki Anton Pike, of Great Denham, near Bedford, was a rock climbing instructor, working in Milton Keynes. It was during his work that he met his young female victim, who went to training sessions. The victim first started wall climbing at the age of 10.

What did Pike do to the victim of his sexual offences?

Over several years, Pike groomed the female victim and a parent. He carried out a “sustained period of grooming resulting in the serious abuse”. The grooming and sexual offences took place over a 4 year period and began when the child was age 12.

Pike made the girl perform a sex act on Pike during a break at climbing.  The majority of the offences took place in the car of Mr Pike.

How was Nikki Anton Pike Caught?

His female victim reported the offences to the police in 2018, which resulted in Pike being arrested on the 3 October 2018.

With what offences was Pike charged?

Following the report made to the police in 2018, the police conducted a lengthy investigation. This resulted in Mr Pike being charged on the 30 April 2021 with multiple counts of rape.

What was Pike convicted of?

After a trial at Amersham Crown Court, lasting 7 days and concluding on 28 June 2021, Pike was found guilty of eight counts of rape and one count of causing or inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. He pleaded guilty to taking indecent photographs and causing or inciting sexual exploitation of a child.

What did the judge say at the sentencing hearing?

At Birmingham Crown Court, on Tuesday 5 October 2021, Pike was given an 18 year prison sentence. He was also made subject to a sexual harm prevention order and must sign the sex offenders' register.

The judge said, “there had been a "a significant degree of planning through grooming" and the victim was "seriously and profoundly damaged by what you did to her".

The judge said Pike "told her you wanted to see a child's body turn into a woman's body" and kept photographs as a "record of her developing body".

What did the Police say about Nikki Pike?

Investigating officer Detective Constable Miranda Moore, of the Child Abuse Investigation Unit based at Bletchley police station, said: “Pike was in a position of trust and he completely and abhorrently abused this position to commit these horrific offences against a child over a period of time.

“Throughout this period, Pike used his position to gain sexual gratification and destroy a young girl’s life.

“He is a dangerous offender due to the level of manipulation and control he had over his victim and the force he used against her.

“I would like to pay tribute and commend the victim in this harrowing case for alerting the police to Pike’s behaviour, which has allowed us to bring him to justice and has resulted in this substantial prison sentence.

“This was a lengthy investigation, and the victim’s resolve and bravery has allowed us to bring Pike to justice and ensure that he is no longer a threat to her or to other children.

“Even when he is eventually released, which will be in many years’ time, Pike will be subject to stringent checks as a result of being on the sex offenders’ register.

“I hope that this case shows to other victims of non-recent offences that they can report these, whatever the passage of time, and that they will be believed and Thames Valley Police will work tirelessly to bring offenders to justice.

“I also hope the outcome of this case offers the victim some closure and that she can move on with her life.

“There is further information on our website on how to report as well as advice and support on what to do if you’ve been a victim or witnessed child abuse.”