Child Abuse FAQs

Child Abuse FAQs


  • Why should I choose IBB?

    IBB have a dedicated team of child abuse injury specialists, independently recognised by a number of organisations, including the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers and the Law Society Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme.  
  • How Much Compensation Will I get?

    The amount of compensation is determined by the nature of the abuse experienced, the consequences of that abuse over a person’s life, the cost of private medical treatment to help them with the effects of the abuse and financial losses, such as lost earnings, they may have lost out on because of the abuse.
  • I Cannot Afford to Pay Legal Fees. Can I still claim?

    It is frequently the case that cases are funded by what is colloquially known as “no win, no fee” agreements, which means you do not to have to worry about having to pay legal fees to bring a claim.   Furthermore, you can protect yourself from not having to pay the other side’s legal costs if you lose, by taking out a policy of insurance, which costs nothing if you lose.    Therefore, you can bring claim without having to worry about paying legal fees either to IBB or the other party.
  • If I win Compensation, will I lose my Welfare Benefits?

    Many welfare benefits are means tested. However, it is possible to recover financial compensation for the abuse and also keep all your welfare benefits, including future welfare benefits, by putting your compensation in a persona injury trust.
  • How Long Will My Case Take?

    Every child abuse case is different. The time to settle the case will be determined by a number of factors; whether the police have already conducted an investigation; whether there has been a prosecution in the criminal courts; whether the abuser admits the assaults and abuse; your age; and the consequences of the abuse on your life.
  • Do I need to Tell the Police about the Abuse?

    It is a matter for you whether you report the abuse to the police. It is very personal decision. However, if you are to bring a claim for compensation, then we are likely to recommend that you talk to the police. This is important as they can carry out an investigation into the assaults, which will often help in bringing a successful claim for compensation.   We understand that you may have reservations about talking to the police, but we can guide you and support you through the process of doing so.
  • My Abuser is Dead. Can I still Claim Compensation?

    It is still possible to succeed in making a claim for compensation when the abuser has died.
  • The Abuse Happened Long Ago. Is there a Time Limit for bring an Abuse Claim?

    There are time limits for bringing claims for child abuse. However, the courts understand the difficulty people have in talking about the abuse they suffered, even when it happened decades ago. Consequently, it is possible to bring successful claims long after the abuse occurred. However, the time is not open ended and therefore, as soon as you feel ready to speak to someone about the abuse, you should contact us as soon as possible, so not to lose out on your entitlement to compensation, to help rebuild your life.
  • What Should I do If I want to Bring a Claim for Compensation

    You should ring us today, for a free and confidential conversation. Please be assured, that we will treat the issue sensitively and not ask you any detail about the abuse.  We only need to have a general indication of what happened to you, to advise if we can assist.
  • Will I meet the Lawyer Who Will Handle My Case?

    Yes. We will arrange a mutually convenient time to meet.
  • Can we phone you if we have any problems?

    Yes. If your lawyer is not here, then one of our assistants can take a message and we will call back. You will have our landline and mobile contact numbers.
  • Will you keep in regular contact with us, and how will this be done?

    We will keep in regular contact, advising regularly on the progress of the case and identifying milestones. We will set out what we have to do to win the case.   We will write, either letter or e mail, whatever you prefer.
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