Grooming Gang Sexual Abuse

Grooming Gang Sexual Abuse

Those who sexually abuse children and young people, teenagers, will seek out those who they see as having some vulnerability. Those children from so-called “good homes” can be vulnerable to exploitation but more commonly we see those who are already living in a vulnerable situation, being most at risk of being sexually assaulted and sexually abused.

In the last few years a number of grooming gangs across the country have been arrested by the police, with long sentences being handed down to those found guilty of the most wicked crimes against children. Those offenders will spend many years behind bars and although there is some support from the NHS and other bodies to help the victim survivors of sexual abuse cope with the consequences of the crimes committed against them, sadly the support can only be provided for a relatively short period of time, even though we know the effects of sexual assault can be long lasting.

As Government support to help victims of grooming gangs is not open-ended, it may be particularly helpful to those victim survivors of grooming gang abuse to pursue a claim for financial compensation, to enable them to have further counselling or therapy, to provide access to further education and to compensate for the sexual abuse and health issues that follow.

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Grooming gangs targeting girls

A grooming gang in Huddersfield were jailed for sexually exploiting young girls “for their own perverted gratification”. Girls were controlled by violence and threats against them, personally, and their families.  In Rotherham, a grooming gang were found guilty of exploiting young girls, including one victim who was sexually abused by “at least 100 Asian men” before the age of 16.

Independent review

The independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse was set up by the government in response to a number of serious historical child sexual abuse cases. There were specific concerns that some organisations were failing and were continuing to fail to protect children from sexual abuse.

In October 2020 it was reported that the Inquiry was not intended to investigate grooming gangs. This provoked a fierce response from leading campaigners, including Sammy Woodhouse, a victim of the Rotherham gang. She said the inquiry had “not placed survivors at the forefront” of the investigation. She went on to say, “If you are going to get to the root of gang related child sexual exploitation you need to go right to the heart of it. They are trying to bury what happened in places like Rotherham and Rochdale because they’re scared of being called racist”.

Sarah Champion, MP, similarly questioned the decision saying, “It’s more than a missed opportunity. So many survivors pinned their hopes on this inquiry getting to the truth”.

Where have the grooming gangs operated?

Following investigations by the police there have been prosecutions and convictions of grooming gangs operating across the country, in Rotherham, Huddersfield, Telford, Rochdale, Oxford and Aylesbury.  In December 2020 it was reported that an alleged grooming gang had committed alleged offences against eight girls between the ages of 13 and 16, in Kirklees, Bradford and Wakefield.    The alleged offences were said to have occurred between 1999 and 2012.  The charges came as part of Operation Tourway, an investigation into non-recent child sexual exploitation in parts of West Yorkshire.

What harm is caused by grooming gang sexual abuse?

The consequences of being sexually abused can have lifelong consequences as the following examples illustrate.

At a sentencing hearing one victim of a grooming gang explained how she turned to crack cocaine to deal with the trauma she had experienced, which resulted in her leading a “life of crime” to fund her cocaine habit. She said, “I struggle to live a normal life day-to-day. I still have a fear of going outside. I feel my life has been taken away from me.

My life has been destroyed. I cannot form loving or lasting relationships with men. I have not been able to care for my children as a mother should be able to. This has ruined my chances of a normal life”.

Another victim survivor has said, “now, seven or eight years later, I see stories like Holly’s (not her real name) where she is not being listened to, she is not being believed, her abusers have acted with impunity because they think the authorities are not going to do anything about it. She is one of probably one of thousands of young girls and young boys who are being abused in street grooming up and down the country”.

It is not possible to turn back the clock but if sufficient financial compensation can be obtained, this may enable an individual to access long-term counselling or therapy, to give them the best chance of recovery.

Government Support

In the last few years financial support has been increased to support the victim survivors of sexual assault. In early 2020 the Ministry of Justice announced that there would be an increase in funding for the victims of rape. The purpose was to respond to over 160,000 sexual offences recorded by the police in 2019. The £12 million funding was to be used for counselling, personal support and for the recruitment of more Independent Sexual Violence Advisors.

In the same year the government announced an additional £22 million of emergency funding, to enable various charities to provide desperately needed life-saving counselling and advice services. Money was also set aside for The Support for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Fund, to help both adult and child victims of child sexual abuse, across Wales and England.

Although this funding is well received, support for individuals can still be time limited. 

Survivors often require counselling or therapy over a long period of time, but the cost of that may have to be paid for privately.  Therefore, pursuing a grooming gang compensation claim to pay for treatment may be the route to improved health.

How long do I have to make a grooming gang compensation claim?

There are two sets of time limits that need to be observed, in order to pursue a successful claim for grooming gang compensation. Under a government scheme, the compensation must be pursued within two years of making a report to the police.

However, if the sexual assaults occur when the victim is still a child and a report was made to the police before their 18th birthday, the two-year time limit will not run until they turn 18 years of age, meaning they have until their 20th birthday to apply for compensation. If a report to the police is not made until after an individual turns 18 years of age, the two years runs from the date of the sexual assault or abuse being reported to the police. Therefore, if a report to the police is made on 1 December 2020, the claim must be made by 1 December 2022.

A separate claim can be made against the person who committed the abuse.  A claim against the person who committed the assaults should be made within three years from the date of the sexual assault.  The exception to this time limit is that time does not run until the individual reaches their 18th birthday, meaning they have until the 21st birthday to pursue a claim for compensation.

These are the time limits although it may still be possible to pursue a successful grooming gang compensation claim, outside these periods depending upon the reasons for the delay in seeking compensation. Therefore, it is important to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity to avoid the risk of falling bowel of the time limit rules on pursuing sexual abuse compensation and sexual assault compensation. Enquiries can be made to 

How much grooming gang compensation am I entitled to?

There are two claims. Under the government scheme for compensation the maximum award is £500,000, payable to the innocent victim of a criminal injury. However, the vast majority of awards are under £25,000.

A claim against those responsible for the grooming gang sexual assaults, subject to them having sufficient assets, is unlimited and depends upon the nature of the abuse, how long it went on for and the consequences of that upon the survivor’s health.

The awards can range from a few thousand pounds up to £50,000 or in some cases substantially more. In addition to an award for the abuse and its mental health consequences, it may also be possible to claim for the private cost of medical treatment, if further counselling and therapy is required, costs associated with education and training that may have been missed while the victim was being abused, plus loss of earnings if the abuse has affected the type of work they may do or how much work they may be able to undertake.

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What should I do if I want to make a grooming gang compensation claim?

If you want to make a grooming gang compensation claim it is sensible to seek legal advice as soon as possible, to ensure a claim is made within the appropriate time limit and also to meet other conditions that will apply to pursuing a claim for compensation.

We specialise in helping victim survivors of sexual abuse and sexual assault and therefore if you would like advice on pursuing a grooming gang compensation claim, telephone us on 0333 123 9099, email at, or use the online enquiry form. Although we will ask you some questions, to advise you, we will not, during this first conversation, ask you for details of the sexual assault. We will not need to know such information in order to advise you whether you have the prospects of making a successful grooming gang compensation claim.

We are here to help.