Cancer Misdiagnosis Compensation Claims

Correct diagnosis of cancer requires a  GP, consultant or other medical professional to interpret your symptoms, supported by a variety of medical tests and scans. A delay in diagnosis could facilitate the spread of the disease and affect the successful recovery of the patient.


If your cancer diagnosis was delayed or misdiagnosed or you were wrongly diagnosed with cancer, you could be entitled to compensation. Our experienced medical negligence lawyers  support  cancer patients and their families to obtain compensation for negligence attributed to a GP, consultant, surgeon, nurse, radiographer or other medical health professional.

When is compensation available?

Cancer is a complex condition which often develops in stages. Therefore,  the delay in making a diagnosis and providing treatment may impact the recovery of a patient.

Compensation for cancer patients could potentially be available when the delay in diagnosis may have resulted in:

  • Significant deterioration in health
  • A significant reduction in the prospects of recovering from treatment
  • A greater and significant need for advanced treatment options such as surgery

Victims of medical negligence have won compensation for negligence resulting from the late or misdiagnosis of a variety of cancers such as:

(Source: Cancer Research UK 2013)

How to claim compensation for late or misdiagnosis of cancer

IBB’s medical negligence specialists will visit you at home or at hospital to discuss the options available and whether there are grounds to make a compensation claim.

Some of the situations in which patients have been able to obtain compensation:

  • Adequate investigations have not been carried out by a GP, consultant, nurse or other medical professional
  • X-rays or scans were not adequately reviewed and analysed
  • Tissue samples, blood tests and smear were not adequately reviewed and analysed
  • X-rays or scans were misinterpreted and a patient was wrongly found to have cancer and subsequently undertook unnecessary medical treatments such as drugs, chemotherapy or surgery

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