Brazilian Butt Lift Claims

Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Compensation Claims

The ‘Brazilian butt lift’ or ‘BBL’ has gained increasing attention recently following reports of several deaths connected to the procedure. A BBL involves taking fat cells from the stomach or other areas and grafting these into the buttocks to create a rounder, fuller appearance. While the procedure is currently legal in the UK, it is considered one of the more risky types of cosmetic surgery, having resulted in the death of 1 in 3000 recipients.

The risk of death is due to the potential for fat to be accidentally injected into a vein during the procedure. This fat can then form an embolism which can travel around the blood stream until it reaches the heart or lungs, causing the potential for cardiac arrest (heart attack).

One of the reasons this is so common with Brazilian butt lift procedures is because they are often carried out by people without appropriate training in such potentially risky procedures. This also increases the risk of other post-surgical complications, such as unsightly scarring and post-surgical infections. Alternative procedures, involving placing silicone implants into the buttocks, can also carry a number of risks, including the potential for implants to leak or rupture.

If you or a loved one have been harmed as a result of a negligent Brazilian butt lift or other type of buttock contouring procedure, you may be entitled to claim compensation. This can help cover the cost of corrective treatment, as well as replacing lost income if you have had to take time off work, and compensating you for your pain and suffering.

Cosmetic surgery negligence claims can be complicated, with clinics disputing their liability for any negative side-effects of a procedure they performed. Having the right legal guidance is therefore important to give you the best chance of securing fair compensation.

IBB Claims clinical negligence team have experience working across a wide range of cosmetic surgery negligence claims. This gives us the expertise you need to ensure all of the relevant facts are established and properly supported with the right evidence, so you have the best chance of a successful claim.

Your health and emotional wellbeing are our top priorities. We will provide sensitive, compassionate support throughout the claims process, combined with the clear, pragmatic advice necessary to help you secure the best available result.

Our clinical negligence lawyers offer a free initial consultation for all cosmetic surgery compensation claims. This gives you the chance to explain your situation, then allows us to provide an honest assessment of the strength of your claim.

We offer no-win no-fee cosmetic surgery compensation claims, so there will usually be no upfront cost or financial risk to starting a Brazilian butt lift negligence claim with IBB.

To start a buttock enhancement surgery compensation claim, call us today on 0333 123 9099. Alternatively, you can email us at or request a call back.


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Our expertise with Cosmetic Surgery Claims

Our cosmetic surgery claims lawyers support clients across the country. We are able to secure substantial compensation for complications arising from all types of cosmetic surgery, such as:

  • Heart attack and stroke due to fat being accidentally injected into the blood stream
  • Leaking or ruptured silicone buttock implants
  • Excessive pain and discomfort post-surgery
  • Surgical scarring
  • Post-surgical infections

We are accredited by the Law Society for Personal Injury Law reflecting our expertise in the field of personal injury law.

Our team has also been recognised by Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500, the two leading client guides to the legal profession, for our skill in handling clinical negligence claims.

Legal 500 judges IBB as having a “good” clinical negligence department and “puts the client’s interests at the forefront of every decision.” Simon Pimlott has “a real eye for detail and works incredibly hard to get the best result for each client.”

To find out more about our specific expertise relevant to your situation, please get in touch.

How we handle cosmetic buttock enhancement surgery claims

We understand that most people’s priority is to get a fair settlement as quickly as possible so you can get the help you need and move on with your life. To support this goal, we try to resolve most cosmetic surgery negligence claims through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution as this usually results in a faster result, with less hassle for you.

However, where court action is required to secure the right result, we have the skills and experience needed to give you the best available representation. As well as our own extensive court litigation expertise, we can also call on a number of reliable medical experts and specialist barristers with whom we have established relationships.

Thanks to our range of skills and flexible approach, we can always offer you the appropriate legal skills and knowledge to effectively pursue your claim, no matter how matters progress.

Our no win, no fee Brazilian butt lift claims service

We generally work with our clients under a conditional fee agreement, more commonly known as a ‘no win, no fee’ deal. As the name implies, this type of funding agreement means you are only liable to contribute towards our legal fees if we secure compensation for you.

With a no win, no fee claim, there is no upfront cost to start a claim, meaning your financial situation should be no barrier to your ability to pursue compensation. In the event of a successful claim, our fees will typically be based on a percentage of some of the compensation  we secure for you.

We will ensure our fee structures and any likely expenses will be clearly explained at the outset, ensuring you should never be hit with any unexpected costs during the claims process.

We seek to explain the costs of pursuing a claim clearly.  A client has said, “we were reassured by the no win, no fee guarantee as well as IBB's instructions to take out an insurance for every possibility.”

How much compensation can you claim for Brazilian butt lift negligence?

The value of a Brazilian butt lift claim will depend on various factors, including:

  • The impact on your health
  • The emotional impact, including pain and suffering
  • The effect on your life e.g. not being able to carry out normal daily activities due to the impact on your physical and mental wellbeing
  • The financial consequences e.g. paying for corrective surgery and lost income

There are two types of damages you can normally claim for injury caused by negligent cosmetic surgery:

Financial Losses and Expenses – For specific financial losses caused by the negligent procedure. This might include paying for private treatment, as well as lost income from having to take time off work or not being able to earn as much as you did before the procedure.

General Compensation – For non-financial losses, such as pain, suffering and lifestyle changes. 

We will aim to provide an estimate of your claim’s likely value at the earliest opportunity so you have all the information you need before deciding whether to move forward with your claim.

Time limits for Brazilian butt lift claims

You normally have 3 years to claim compensation for a negligent cosmetic surgery procedure carried out in the UK. This time limit will be counted either from when the negligence occurred or when you became aware of it, so the exact time you have to claim will depend on the circumstances.

Understanding how the time limits for making a claim apply to your situation can be complicated. We therefore always recommend contacting our cosmetic surgery negligence lawyers as soon as possible to avoid missing your opportunity to claim any compensation you are entitled to.

Get in touch with our expert cosmetic surgery errors compensation claims solicitors today

To arrange your free consultation on starting a Brazilian butt lift negligence claim, please call us on 0333 123 9099, email or request a call back.

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