Dr Nicholas Waldron - Orthodontic Centre Hayes, Middlesex

Dr Nicholas Waldron - Orthodontic Centre Hayes and Bracelands Orthodontic Practice in Woking

IBB is currently representing a number of clients in compensation claims for the harm caused following allegedly negligent orthodontic treatment by Dr Nicholas Waldron, formerly at Orthodontic Centre Hayes, Middlesex and Bracelands Orthodontic Practice in Woking.

A number of our clients were first alerted to serious concerns with the standard of care provided by Dr Waldron following receipt of a letter from the Head of Primary Care Commissioning : Dental, Optometry and Pharmacy. This letter advised that NHS England had terminated their contract with Dr Waldron’s practice on the grounds that the standard of his care and treatment was below the standard required of an NHS Orthodontic practice.

As a consequence of the concerns with Dr Waldron’s care and treatment, patients have been referred to alternative orthodontist services to resume treatment. However, many have now been informed that issues with the orthodontic treatment provided by Dr Waldron has caused harm and the need for additional, long term treatment. We are currently assisting many former patients of Dr Waldron in investigating the standard of treatment they received from him and formulating their claims for the pain, suffering and the additional treatment costs incurred.

General Dental Council Investigation into Dr Waldron and the Outcome of the Hearing 

The role of the General Dental Council includes taking action when concerns are raised that a dental professional’s ability, behaviour or health means that it may not be suitable for them to continue working as a dental professional.  As a result of concerns with the standard of care provided by Dr Waldron, the General Dental Council commenced an investigation into his ability to practice during which conditions were imposed on him.

The General Dental Council concluded their investigation into the professional conduct of Dr Nicholas Waldron in July 2020. The outcome of the hearing was that Dr Waldron was suspended with immediate effect following the conclusion of a public hearing conducted by the Professional Conduct Committee of the General Dental Council on 23 July 2020.

The cases investigated by the General Dental Council related to the orthodontic treatment that Dr Waldron provided to 12 patients between 2008 and 2018. IBB Law are in contact with a number of other affected patients whose cases were not part of the General Dental Council investigation. Patients have reported a range of concerns relating to their experience under the care of Dr Waldron but there are many common issues with the standard of his orthodontic care. These include:

  1. failing to perform adequate orthodontic examination, assessment and diagnosis;
  2. failing to take pre-treatment photographs;
  3. failing to take pre-treatment radiographs
  4. failing to take pre-treatment dental study models;
  5. failing to carry out sufficient treatment planning;
  6. failing to provide the patient with a treatment plan;
  7. failing to provide the patient with treatment options;
  8. failing to discuss the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment with the patient;
  9. providing a poor standard of orthodontic treatment;
  10. failing to obtain informed consent from the patient for the treatment provided;
  11. failing to maintain an adequate standard of record keeping;
  12. failing to respond adequately to patient’s complaints
  13. failing to address difficulties that the patient was experiencing with their orthodontic appliance;
  14. providing treatment without adequate support in the form of a dental nurse.

Overall, the Professional Conduct Committee of the General Dental Council found that there was a failure to provide an adequate standard of care to each of the patients whose case was considered at the hearing. The range of allegations against Dr Waldron related to nearly all aspects of his orthodontic care and treatment and included what the committee described as “fundamental aspects of dentistry, such as record keeping, informed consent, assessment, diagnosis and treatment.” It was found that many of the failures in key areas of orthodontic practice put patients at risk of harm. The Committee acknowledged that there were examples of patients who had indeed suffered harm caused by the poor standard of care by Dr Waldron.

The Committee concluded that the proven allegations against Dr Waldron amounted to misconduct and the appropriate sanction was the suspension of his registration for a period of 9 months during which it would be necessary for Dr Waldron to undertake comprehensive retraining before his registration would be reinstated.

How to start a dental or orthodontic negligence claim

We understand that most people will not have needed to claim compensation before and that the first steps in bringing a claim will appear daunting. Our clinical negligence solicitors are specialists in dental and orthodontic claims and will guide you through every step of the way to ensure that you fully understand the process involved and the likely outcomes of each stage.

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Our specialist dental negligence solicitors have decades of experience handling compensation claims for people throughout England and Wales. Our specialism is in handling complex claims. Our experience includes cases involving negligent dental and orthodontic treatment, misdiagnosis, failure to properly advise the patient on the risks and benefits of the treatment and failure to provide proper treatment planning.

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Our no win no fee dental and orthodontic claims service

We are prepared to offer a Conditional Fee Agreement, commonly known as a “no win, no fee” agreement, in most cases where we consider our client has reasonable prospects of success in pursuing a compensation claim for negligent dental treatment.

The benefit of pursuing the claim funded by a “no win, no fee” agreement is that we do not require any upfront payment from our client. If the claim is ultimately unsuccessful, usually because it is unsupported by expert dental evidence, we will not charge our clients for the costs incurred, no matter how much.  

At the outset of the dental compensation claim, we will provide a comprehensive and totally transparent explanation of the options in relation to legal fees. We will also take steps to protect you from having to pay any costs to the other side or for any expenses. The funding agreement that we offer means that our clients cannot be out of pocket if the claim is unsuccessful.

Dental claim time limits

There are time limits for bringing a claim for compensation caused by negligent dental or orthodontic treatment, with the general rule being a 3-year time limit from the date of the negligent treatment, but this can be longer depending on the precise circumstances and the date when the patient first became aware of the negligent treatment.

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