Dr Nicholas Waldron - Orthodontic Centre Hayes, Middlesex

Dr Nicholas Waldron - Orthodontic Centre Hayes, Middlesex

IBB are currently representing a client in a claim for allegedly negligent orthodontic treatment by Dr Nicholas Waldron at Orthodontic Centre Hayes, Middlesex.

In August 2018, our client received a letter from the Head of Primary Care Commissioning : Dental, Optometry and Pharmacy to advise her that NHS England had terminated their contract with the practice as the level of service was below the standard required of an NHS Orthodontic practice.

Our client has been referred to an alternative orthodontist to resume her treatment and we are investigating our client’s claim that treatment has been negligently performed by Dr Waldron.

Our preliminary investigations into this claim reveal that as a result of concerns with the standard of care provided by Dr Waldron with other patients, a number of conditions have been imposed by the General Dental Council (GDC) on his ability to practice.   

The GDC states that the conditions are effective until 9 November 2019 and include the following:

  1. Dr Waldron must carry out audits in the areas of pre-treatment investigations (including medical histories), orthodontic examination and assessment, treatment planning, radiography, informed consent, record keeping and complaints handling. These audits must be signed by Dr Waldron’s workplace supervisor and provided to the General Dental Council (GDC) every 3 months.
  2. At any time that Dr Waldron is employed, or providing dental services, which require him to be registered with the General Dental Council, he must place himself and remain under the supervision of a workplace supervisor nominated by him and agree by the GDC.
  3. Dr Waldron must inform the GDC within 7 days of any complaints or disciplinary proceedings taken against him.

The role of the GDC includes taking action when concerns are raised that a dental professional’s ability, behaviour or health means that it may not be suitable for them to continue working as a dental professional. 

The Orthodontic Centre Hayes run by Dr Waldron was recently subject to an inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). Findings included that the practice “was not providing well-led care in accordance with the relevant regulations”.    

It was also recently reported in The Telegraph (27 November 2018) that another of Dr Nicholas Waldron’s patients was awarded £10,500 in compensation as a result of incorrectly fitted braces.

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