Hip Implant Compensation Claims

Over 160,000 total hip and knee replacement procedures are carried out in England and Wales every year.  The hip is one of the largest joints in the body and is exposed to regular mechanical strain.


hip relacement claims

A hip replacement operation is often required to deal with:

  • congenital conditions,
  • osteoarthritis: where damage to the hip joint results from “wear and tear” on the cartilage between the hip bones
  • rheumatoid arthritis: an autoimmune condition where the body attacks the lining of the joint
  • Hip fracture: resulting from a fall or injury

Hip surgery may result in complications

Surgery to replace parts of the hip bone or the entire hip bone can greatly improve a patient’s quality of life. However there is always risk associated with surgery, and the nature and degree of potential complications of hip surgery will not only be affected by the skill of the surgeon, but also the nature of the hip surgery required.

If you or a loved one has experienced compilations, such as pain, discomfort and immobility resulting from hip replacement surgery, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact IBB’s hip replacement and medical negligence lawyers today for advice.

The risks of hip replacement surgery

The risks and potential complications associated with hip replacement surgery include:

  • Hip dislocation
  • Infection of the joint
  • Injuries to the tissues, blood vessels or nerves of the area
  • A fracture
  • A difference in the height on the joint and therefore length of the legs.

(Source: NHS Choices)

Hip surgery is commonly made up of three procedures:

  • hip resurfacing (or athroplasty) where the damaged and diseased parts of the hip joint are replaced with implants.
  • Total hip replacement: where the ball and socket of the hip joint are removed and replaced with parts made of metal, plastic or ceramic.
  • Hip revision surgery:  this procedure involves the removal of a previous hip replacement joint, which will be replaced by a new one.

Are you entitled to compensation resulting from negligent hip replacement, resurfacing or revision surgery?

If you have undergone a hip procedure which has left you in pain and discomfort, you could be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

Hip patients have obtained compensation in following situations:

Defective hip implants

Hip replacement joints are designed to last between 10-20 years.  If your hip joint implant needed repair or replacement much earlier than expected, it could be considered defective.  Additional surgery may be required to replace the implant. In extreme circumstances, the hip joint may have been significantly damaged, and hip revision surgery may not be successful or possible. In this situation the patient may be left unable to walk.

De Puy ASR Compensation Claims (Metal on Metal Hip Implant Claims)

The De Puy ASR hip implant is a metal on metal implant which was designed to be more durable and reduce dislocations, in comparison to other products on the market.  However a number of patients experienced pain, inflammation and muscle damage resulting from metal debris shedding into the neighbouring tissue.

The problems associated with the De Puy ASR joint led to a recall of the hip resurfacing and hip replacement implants in August 2010. De Puy Orthopaedics is a subsidiary of the Johnson and Johnson group of companies.

The hip implant was not correctly fitted

A hip implant could work loose as a result of poor quality cement being used or it being incorrectly fitted during the surgery. This may require additional surgery to fix the issues.

The wrong sized hip implant was fitted

If the hip joint is not measured correctly prior to surgery, the wrong hip implant may be fitted – resulting in pain, inflammation and immobility.

Other situations where a surgeon or specialist has been negligent

A number of successful compensation claims have been made for negligence associated with the errors made by a surgeon during hip surgery eg. situations where metal pins or other medical devices have been left in the body.

How to make a compensation claim for negligence hip replacement surgery or faulty hip implants

If you or a loved one has experienced pain, discomfort or a loss of mobility resulting from hip resurfacing, hip replacement or hip revision surgery, you could be entitled to compensation for your pain, distress, loss of mobility and in some cases for any loss of income resulting from your inability to continue employment.  Contact our professional and compassionate medical negligence and hip claims lawyers  today for advice. Our personal injury specialist can visit you at home or at hospital to discuss whether you have a potential claim and the options available.   Contact us today on 0333 123 9099 or email enquiries@ibbclaims.co.uk