Medical Negligence at Wexham Park Hospital

Medical Negligence at Wexham Park Hospital

When something goes wrong in hospital, quite frequently the first response is "why?" Quite naturally, we want to know why something happened, why it went wrong and then what can be done to remedy the situation. Rarely is the first thought about making a compensation claim. Indeed, it does seem that if, as happens on many occasions, an apology is given for the mistake (in a timely manner) and an explanation as to why the error happened, is provided, the complaint is amicably resolved and there is no need for further action.

However, on some occasions the errors in hospital can have such significant consequence that an apology is not sufficient to compensate the individual who has suffered harm as a consequence of substandard treatment. Therefore, it is quite understandable that where a failure to diagnose a problem, or a delay in diagnosing a cause of symptoms, or harm caused during a surgical procedure, will lead to an individual wanting to make a compensation claim. There is nothing wrong in this; indeed, it is a human legal right to make a claim for compensation where harm has been suffered as a consequence of another's error, or by a failing in the systems in a hospital. Furthermore, on many occasions it is absolutely necessary to make a claim for compensation, particularly where the harm suffered from hospital negligence has prevented from someone from returning to work, or to cause a long absence from work.

With the NHS coming under increasing pressure and a lack of resources, as well as claims of austerity, individuals can no longer rely upon the state providing support (to the individual’s satisfaction) when they become disabled or infirm. Therefore, making a medical negligence claim may be the only way of safeguarding an individual’s financial future and security in their own home.

At IBB solicitors we have pursued hospital negligence compensation claims for many, many years and successfully recovered millions of pounds for significant harm caused by substandard hospital care and treatment.

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It may be that once we have provided initial telephone advice, you do not wish to make a claim, or feel it is necessary to do so. It may be that you will be content with either making a complaint, or with the response you have received from Wexham Park Hospital (having made the complaint). Indeed, a timely response by a hospital to a complainant can often resolve matters amicably.

However, even when a complaint is made and responded to, the patient and/or their family may feel that such a response is insufficient, particularly where the Wexham Park medical negligence has resulted in serious injury, thereby having a direct impact upon an individual’s ability to earn a living and support others in their family. Therefore, making a medical negligence compensation claim is the practical response to the experience at hospital.

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Where are IBB Claims?

We are very conveniently located in Uxbridge and in Chesham and thus with our local knowledge and regularly receiving enquiries in relation to patients who have been treated at Wexham Park Hospital, we are ideally placed to assist.

In addition to having local knowledge, including awareness of other patients concerns at Wexham Park Hospital, we are able to meet with you at our offices, or at your home, from time to time, when such meetings are necessary, to ensure we are able to provide an optimum service to you and to obtain the best outcome.

We also have offices in Reading and are therefore able to serve clients and patients of Wexham Park Hospital along the M4 corridor.

Further information about our offices and our contact details can be elsewhere on our website.

Do I need to make a complaint?

It is a matter of personal choice as to whether an individual makes a complaint to the hospital, or they seek legal advice before doing so.   It certainly is not necessary to make a complaint before making a claim for Wexham Park Hospital negligence compensation, although in some cases it may be sensible to do so. Each case will depend on upon its own set of circumstances and therefore it is sensible to seek early legal advice upon what steps should be taken in response to the harm that has been experience as a result of hospital negligence.

Types of hospital negligence

We deal with a wide range of cases, covering a variety of injuries caused by hospital negligence. The list below includes the types of cases that we have pursued for patients, at a number of hospitals, including some cases against Wexham Park Hospital.

Is there a time limit for making a hospital negligence compensation claim against Wexham Park Hospital?

There are time limits for bringing compensation claims against Wexham Park Hospital. The general rule is that legal proceedings have to be commenced within three years of the hospital error. However, the court rules require a process to be pursued well in advance of that three-year time frame. Indeed, English courts expect people who make claims against hospitals for medical negligence compensation, seek to resolve their claim with the hospital, without the need to starting legal action.

Therefore, it is important not to delay making a claim, leaving it to the last moment, but to seek advice as early as possible, so the hospital has an opportunity to settle the medical negligence compensation claim against Wexham Park Hospital without starting legal action. Indeed, the vast majority of claims are resolved without legal action, which means there is considerably less stress for the patient bringing the claim.

The benefit of seeking legal advice early and making compensation claim soon after the harm occurred, is to ensure that vital evidence is not lost. Delay in making a claim may result in either documents being lost, or the recollections of witnesses becoming less reliable. Therefore, it is important that if harm has been caused by Wexham Park Hospital negligence, that those involved, the patient and, probably, members of the family, make notes as early as possible as to exactly what happened, including the date, time and the names of others who were involved in the treatment or care.

We are recognised as specialists

We are accredited by the Law Society for Personal Injury Law reflecting our expertise in this area. IBB Claims’ partner Malcolm Underhill has particular expertise with all types of brain injuries, being accredited as a Brain Injury Specialist by the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL).

Our team is recognised by Chambers & Partners and the Legal 500, the two leading client guides to the legal profession, for our exceptional skill in handling clinical negligence claims.

Legal 500 judges IBB as having a “good” clinical negligence department and “puts the client’s interests at the forefront of every decision.” Simon Pimlott has “a real eye for detail and works incredibly hard to get the best result for each client.”

Chambers describes Malcolm as being a highly experienced personal injury practitioner with a strong focus on cases that involve brain injury. A client notes: "He is a very personable, sympathetic professional that has helped us as a family…..

Call now for advice on how to make a medical negligence compensation claim.

If you have suffered harm as a result of treatment or care at Wexham Park Hospital, or a family member has died because of poor care or treatment, it may be possible to make a successful compensation claim. To find out if your case has reasonable prospects of success call 0333 123 9099, email or use the enquiry form to request a call back.

If we consider your case has reasonable prospects of success and you would like to pursue a medical negligence compensation claim, we will provide advice on how the claim can be funded, which will include advice on the popular “no win, no fee” agreement. If you decide to pursue a claim under a “no win, no fee” agreement, you will have the comfort of knowing that if your claim does not succeed. You will not have to pay any legal costs.